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noone with any fight in them ever goes right-wing

aoc has more fight in her than the bravest republican

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looks like israel

a bunch of Muslims and a tiny speck of jew in the middle 😂

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"ehhh whats that sonny? how's it cooking coffee on its own? where's the nearest telegraph office?"

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nothing ever goes on favor of conservatives

it'll be liz cheney if anything..

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"sorry imma let u finish typing in a minute but Donald Trump had one of the best tweets of all time!"

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new ceo: dorsey

head of trust and safety: Jared kushner

head of tweet review council: liz cheney

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trailer park hillbillies never learned the concept that the world doesn't revolve around them

so they can't comprehend the idea that things outside their small bubble can still affect them..

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my local 711?

my computer?

my car?

what else do they run?

edit: why do nazis get so angry when their conspiracy theories are challenged? if they're so sure they're right why don't they like debate? why don't they want to find the truth? almost like they're trying to trick uss

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and it was all based on a bill that was signed years before he ever took office

but he was trying to somehow take credit for it LOL

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(he hasn't)

have you not learned by now never to overestimate the right wing? always underestimate them and you will still be disappointed

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what a waste of 44 billion dollars. dude could have purchased reddit and brought back the_donald

that would've been big

or he could have pooled together with his other billionaire buddies and bought facebook. Mark Zuckerberg even said he was stepping downn

would have been more meaningful and profitable..

looks like it was just an impulse purchase that he quickly regretted but couldn't get out of now he realizes he's been over his head and can't get up any money out of it

so we got like a month of decent Twitter and then going to hand it right back to the democrats? are we ever going to get back control of social media without violence? really seeming like we're going to have to fucking shoot these people if we want free speech on the internet

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every policy kushner has ever recommended has crashed and burned so it's not a surprise that he probably convinced Elon to step down. kushner has always been a liberal and is probably seething privately that Elon Musk gave free speech and conservatives back to Twitter

it's probably kushner's number one agenda to get it back the way it was

why can't we ever get an audience with powerful people the way these corrupt fuckheads do?

we could convince them to do so many great things

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the left likes anybody that's bad for trump. they called mitt Romney Hitler when he ran for president but he became their Golden boy when he helped them against trump.

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yea he's just leaving and letting the left take it back

so we got like what? a month of decent Twitter and then going to hand it right back to the democrats? are we ever going to get back control of social media without violence? really seeming like we're going to have to fucking shoot these people if we want free speech on the internet

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he won't even give aj his account back

never gonna happen

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he won't

he'll probably appoint some soyboy to run it and it'll go back to how it was

by now you should know no never to overestimate republicans. always underestimate them and they will still underperform

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the day-to-day stuff is the important stuff.. and he could always hire somebody to do that anyway. he could remain as the official head and still hire some underlings to manage most of the stuff..

once he's not looking over their shoulders the fucking communist Berkeley grads are going to go right back to deviously devising ways to censor conservatives. they'll probably be a little more careful about what they write in the emails and about saying anything out loud but they're going to go back and find ways to do it behind his back..

you know damn well that one of the first things that's going to go is kombucha. everybody who paid $8 a month for that can go suck it because that's the first thing the Liberals will get rid of. or at least the Communists will find little devious ways of using the algorithms to debused people that paid for it versus people that had it already those are just some things that you can come up with off the top of your head I mean

this stuff was years in the making it can't be fixed overnight.. it's going to require many many years of consistent and constant overhauls to get rid of all of the infiltration

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this is the answer. we need to buy the social media networks and we need to buy the media. or at least one or the other. if we controlled the major meet social media like Twitter Reddit and Facebook and we wouldn't need to buy CNN because we could just ban CNN from all of those platforms.. we could use the algorithms to boost real news like Breitbart and Infowars and the gateway pundit and the national file and others..

and the mainstream media would stop being mainstream.. it would become a relic only watched by wine moms who sit around watching TV all day..

or you could try to buy the media platforms that would also help a little bit but it wouldn't help a lot a bit because there's so many of them. there's CNN there's the Washington Post the New York times MSNBC Rachel Maddow The Young Turks Huff po salon slate and dozens and dozens of other far left propaganda outlets that are boosted on social media because the Berkeley grads who work in silicon valley create algorithms to boost their favorite news outletss..

even when those outlets are lying.. really we should be buying the media outlets. but we should mostly be buying the social media outlets.. by the social media outlets and you control what media outlets people see..

but none of this matters because the anytime somebody steps up and actually tries to do something good they immediately give up and run away. left wingers have tenacity they have drive they have passion and they keep at it until they win. I mean we saw 4 years of Street protests every. single. fucking. day

they had protest mailing lists lined up in case a policy they didn't like would go through they would be out in the streets that hour protesting it.. they had organization and they had tenacity they had the drive to keep at it.. what's a right wingers have? Donald Trump and the Republican spent three fucking months hyping up January 6th protests to get people to come and some people came and then that was it. that was the only right-wing protest they ever did.. I mean right wingers just don't have it in them.. you get Elon Musk buying Twitter and making really great changes to it I mean those are some really great changes but then what? couple weeks in and he fucking calling it quits.. .

you can't have that you need real keeping at it. you can't just do one and done. it's not a set it and forget it thing.. but Republicans never fucking do that. they never fucking keep at it till they win. they make a small victory and they call it quits. and then Democrats completely overcome them

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it does

I'm sorry that you can't understand anything that gets created after you were already old. and you're too old to understand new things like the idea that the internet is a major player in all aspects of life and politics. it's not the 1950s anymore gramps

and just because your trailer park in the middle of nowhere doesn't have any good internet infrastructure doesn't mean that nobody else does either

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