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Dude, don't post fake shit.

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OpenAI is technically some kind of nonprofit, although it's recently morphed into some kind of hybrid model.

I have no doubt Altman has a plan to enrich himself from OpenAI's success, but it definitely doesn't seem to have anything to do with equity.

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He wasn't a founder of YC (that was Paul Graham and friends) and his personal startup there (loopt) was a bomb. He was only CEO of YC for a few years, and left suddenly to run OpenAI. He's also had personal investments in many big hits, but I'm not sure at what stage.

He may be a billionaire, or he may only be worth 7-9 figures - it's hard to tell from the outside.

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Nitwit, the whole point of it was his reporting and interviews from Spain, not some tabloid creepshots of him walking with protestors. This isn't TMZ, we're looking for some substance.

There were dozens of posts over the past week getting excited about what stories and interviews he was working on over there, then the actual thing comes out and... crickets.

So if "HOW DID WE ALL MISS TUCKER IN SPAIN???" still doesn't make sense, just do me a favor and reread above until it does.

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No it wasn't, search for it. His full report and interview just came out yesterday and only got around 50 upvotes on here.

You're thinking of all the posts just mentioning that he was doing something in Spain.

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That isn't his full report and interview (just some rando on the street), which only got around 50 upvotes.

by Indian
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I thought you were going to say "in number of Mexicans", but either way...

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Did you watch this version? The time is right at the top of the chart - watch it full screen:


This is based off the SOS's official data. Right when it looked like the Dem was done for, they suddenly "subtract" 300k votes from the in person vote total for the (R) candidate, until the Dem has a healthy 50k winning margin.

This may be an innocent mistake, but the PA Secretary of State isn't even bothering to provide an explanation for what happened.

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To be fair, Nixon was trying to pit the Soviets against China by just opening up diplomatic relations with the C.C..P. to exacerbate their new rivalry.

The China-related economic devastation we've suffered was almost entirely blueprinted during the Clinton administration (who profited handsomely from it), and really took off under Bush II.

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Not a big fan of academia right now, but you don't get the same job offers at every school.

That MIT stamp of approval commands a hefty premium.

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Hasn't some of the shedding stuff held up to scrutiny? I stopped paying close attention around then.

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Yeah, it's odd. Or maybe they are trying to discredit him before he gets hauled into Congress to testify or something? He was clearly one of their "approved" leakers.

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Those seats are $25k???

He could be comped, he's friends with Rogan.

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I know what you're saying, but it's genuinely not a smart move to have a big pitbull around a newborn. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

What's fucked up is that he didn't even want a dog, but she pressured him into it, only to demand that they get rid of it after he bonded with it once they had the kid.

At least he found someone willing to take it.

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Yeah, she was posting all these pictures on Instagram of them together about 9 months before the birth of "Bill's child".

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