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Well, it has to match the original description that went out to the public at the time of the incident. The bodycam footage seems inconsistent with the 911 footage and the CCTV break in footage, and I haven't decided what to make of it yet. The bodycam would be by far the hardest of the three to stage or alter.

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Yeah, I just posted about that:


The exterior camera does seem to confirm their break in narrative, but it would also by far be the easiest to stage or "deep fake." It has been over 3 months between the attack and now, plenty of time for a fixer to "fix" it.

The bodycam footage looks very suspicious to say the least - the drink, the smiles, the underwear, their demeanor, etc.

There's also a 911 call which helps confirm their story, but again, very easy to fake.

The Pelosis probably didn't have to hand over their security footage until they wanted to, and had the thoroughly corrupt Capitol Police take over the investigation.

There was a 911 call, though, with someone who received it and SFPD probably had immediate access to it, so that would be pretty tricky to handle if they were trying to swap it with a "better" version.

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Did you bring your cuffs, officer?

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Also, how the fuck is this on a public courthouse, of all buildings? Can we start installing AR-15 statues on Red State courthouses? Or maybe a mural of abortionists burning in hell?

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I understand what you are saying, but Durham DIDN'T bring one person from NatSEC/Intel agencies to justice. The Deep State totally got away with it.

Almost no one followed the trial, and the media will go on like nothing happened.

If you've been all over this story on here, then you know dozens of FBI, DOJ, CIA, DIA and NSA officials committed serious, provable felonies with Spygate - all of it was papered-over, with the sole exception of Clinesmith, who served no time and has already had his law license restored, and is likely doing much better for himself now than 5 years ago.

You would have to be willfully blind to investigate this for four years and not have indicted at least a few of these characters: Page, Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, McCord, Boasberg, Collyer, Baker, Atkinson, Carlin, Laufman, Clapper, Ohr, Weismann, or even Mueller. Durham did what many of us on here (and especially Sundance at Conservative Treehouse) predicted - he created the illusion of accountability, while leaving the Deep State entirely intact. A "scathing" report will follow - that the media will gaslight us on - and the narrative will be that with Russiagate there was no "there" there.

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I totally see what you mean (and probably would have agreed a year ago) but the consensus we've reached on here over the past couple of months is that we can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time - we can fight like hell to have mail in voting removed everywhere, while simultaneously building up a formidable ballot harvesting operation to bank every (R) vote we can.

Unfortunately, we have to fight fire with fire. The Dems have no problem being hypocrites, so unfortunately we have to do things we might not be comfortable with for the time being. Think of how much worse things can get if current trends continue - is avoiding that worth a little hypocrisy?

Everywhere we harvested ballots in 2022, we outperformed - CA, NY, etc. Where we didn't, we came up short.

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Absolutely. Many of the ideas we've come up so far center around that. We should be ballot harvesting EVERYWHERE (where allowed by law) - workplaces, gun shows, churches, senior centers, sporting events, etc.

It looks like Scott is now gearing up to do that, and we should support him however we can. He's got a pretty impressive record so far.

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Of course, but now it's inarguable. All the glowing FOX News coverage and Hannity "tick tocks" were bullshit from day one. We all need to show this to every FOX News viewer and normie conservative we can.

This could be the reddest of red pills.

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Something else that no one is talking about - according to Trump's lawyer, the Intel "community" prevented Trump from having a SCIF, unlike every other President who leaves office. They BLOCKED him from having the facility that would keep all his papers secure.


It was a set up from day one...

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That's great, but how is Joe's reflection on this side of the knife?

Maybe that should be a screaming intern?

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If we pressure Gaetz and Boebert on this, they will pressure McCarthy. I saw a few general posts on here about them being freed in such a way a month ago, but no organized campaign. It could really work if we target the right people.

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The deal they struck means they can basically force a "no confidence" vote at any point, and return us all to the leadership vote stalemate of a few weeks ago. If McCarthy strays too far, I expect this will happen.

I think you are right that Trump has more influence with McCarthy. I think you'll see Gaetz, etc. warm to McCarthy if he continues to deliver like he has so far, but again, it's only been a few weeks.

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Maybe. I guess we'll find out.

Gaetz and Boebert didn't have Boehner and Ryan by the nuts, though. There's definitely a distinction. Will it be enough? We'll see. For now, McCarthy does genuinely seem to be pissing off the right people.

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