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jews follow the talmud not the torah

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there is no merit or skill to being a politician. Just who is best at back stabbing, lying and nepotism. And in this case there's lots and lots of nepotism in this picture.

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In case people dont know , the bill is about "promoting the understanding of lgbt people in schools" and banning people from speaking against LGBT. Basically hate speech laws

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ok so you think they are feds. But the point of this post isn't about whether you think the current White supremacist groups that exist now are feds, its about the fact that i do think we should normalize being able to have White supremacist groups in the first place the same way that black supremacy groups have been normalized in mainstream society.

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That's your own delusion . Its not my fault if you want to keep believing in delusions. Now answer my question. Why do you want to ban people over posting news articles?

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Whatever delusions you want to believe. But you still haven't answered my question. Why do you want to ban people over posting news articles?

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lol just because we have similar names doesn't mean we're the same dumbo. But seriously why do you want to ban people over posting news articles.

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What alt account? And why are you trying to ban people over posting news articles?

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If you think male animals are better maybe you can go live with the wild animals then and stop living in the safe civilization that men created for you.

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Best chess players? men. Best at sports? men. Best gamers? men. Best scientists? men. Civilization builders? men. The people who built your electronics with which you are using to complain about men? men.

Well. White men in particular. i cant quite say the same thing about non White men.

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Women cant make babies without a man. So really the only thing women are better than men at is incubating babies. Men are better at literally everything else.

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why is there more domestic fights between lesbians than between gay men?. (Faggotry should be banned either way but my point stands)

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Women engage in violence more than men. the difference is when women engage in violence its kind of like children engaging in violence. it doesn't result in much because women are so weak.

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This actually applies to the relationship between White people and non Whites as well. The only thing stopping White people from taking power and chasing out non Whites is our tolerance

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