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We had a whites vs black fight every year back in my highschool. Was 15 years ago.

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Georgia stopped counting votes because a broken stall, 5 other states stopped count because a broken Uhaul.

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This cunt almost drowned lol

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A real man would throw the dolly on his shoulder, a smart man would push the dolly, and a retard would push the cart carrying the dolly.

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You ever met a person from Wyoming in real life?

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"They got a cave troll"

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Kills birds, low db noise, shit energy producer, buried when they break, slows wind speed down.

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When a golden retriever growls at a person, you know 100% that's a bad person.

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Yeah let's make more lithium mines, and longer charger times vs gas fill ups. And while your car burns downs at your house thats uncontrollable, we can ship that lithium overseas on diesel vessels

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6 stations say atleast 4 pumps, 10 hours of normal usage, with 7 days for 21k people. It's not that bad when waiting time is 10mins for the most part. It's not horrible but imagine you had to charge for 30mins per vehicle lol what a shit show.

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Against coronoa virus bullshit? Never seen them even care. I saw the the shit police in the cities, even expand to a "security vehicles" police that deal with non threatening incidents.

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Personally I was kicked off the beach because of "corona virus" 4 people in 500 ft at the beach in Florida. Fuck the feds, for forcing states to take action against some bullshit flu. While politicians sat down for dinner and haircuts at establishments.

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She's the Uranium for Russia while the Pelosis, Romneys, Kerry's, and Bidens are the greenbacks to Ukraine.

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"Norwegian" you might be now but "they" will be aswell.

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