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your comment only highlights the absurdity of the situation. Have to risk getting covid to prove that you don't have covid and if you are negative that's only a snapshot in time for a cold-virus that's spreading like wild-fire. Recall that only a few short weeks ago...nobody had omicron in the US. All cruises had neg-tests and vaccines and that still didn't stop it. Would suggest staying away from eldercare facilities regardless of last-test status until this all blows over. Even a weak-ass flu or cold can be hard on old people.

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Or Scott.... We correctly interpreted that the data was bad.

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does this network make me look fat?

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mark as shitpost - this is not real

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More likely that this variant is not covered by the current vaxx. Kind of like when they don't get the mix in the flu-shot right due to unforeseen flu variants (that happened this year too - current flu-shot does not address the most common flu strain this year...oops.)

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"The researchers found a significantly increased risk of developing a symptomatic Omicron case compared to Delta for those who were two or more weeks past their second vaccine dose, and two or more weeks past their booster dose (for AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines)."

Read this again. They are saying the vaccine/booster loses effectiveness against omicron after two weeks. Maybe they wrote the story wrong.... but that's exactly what this is saying.

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Oh look... A twatter karen came here to project.

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Minorities can't commit hate crimes. it's in the woke FBI/DOJ handbook.

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The Chair Trick If you’re a woman invite a man to watch you do this:

Stand with your toes touching a wall. Placing one foot immediately behind the other, take two steps back. Have him place a chair between you and the wall. Bend at the waist and place the top of your head against the wall. Lift the chair. Stand erect.

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I've seen this somewhere before. Oh yeah... NAZI book burning.

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