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Everything that causes rift with NATO is good with me.

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And yet you never hear stories against the Dutch.

France still has deals with many African countries in 2023!!!! France still earns from these African countries and you never hear Anti-France sentiments, just Anti-american stuff for things from 500 years ago

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That's what I was taught.

We were thaught this! That's why these debates are important, we get to learn the truth.

You're not dumb for thinking this, most of us were normies at one point, buying their stories when we were young

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Warren would NEVER be anything.

(they) don't want her to be anything.

She's just like Bernie. Useful for a bit.

Idk if she's just like AOC tho, I think AOC is pretty dumb so they may allow her to be bigger.

But Warren is not even close to being one of the big liberals lmao. They need their actual people pushed, not someone like Warren or Bernie.

They want the "cabal" people like Kamala and Biden and Hillary and the rest of those people that are deeeeeeeeep into the bullshit

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"We have to help Ukraine turn the tide!"

God, I hate liberal women, this reminded me of a woman I know that said something like this. Like she's such a stereotypical woman that she keeps saying "idk both sides are bad republicans and republicans" and then she keeps repeating the same CNN-ish bullshit points

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The worst part about this war is that I think I know how it will end.

Russia is not that dominant in this war, so they'd accept something they wouldn't have accepted a year ago.

Russia would win the war, but they wouldn't get rid of Zelenskyy. They'd take parts of Ukraine but not as much as they may have wanted to.

It will all end with some "peace treaty" where Russia takes parts of Ukraine.

Russia would be the actual winner of the war.

BUT, becaue it wouldn't be a "full blown win', the liberal machine would say "UKRAINE WON!!" and Russia would say that they won.

So your average normie would keep saying UKRAINE WON! THE WAR IS OVER! RUSSIA DIDN'T WIN A LOT AND MANY RUSSIANS DIED! even though Ukraine would be smaller when the war will finish.

I think that's how it will end.

Let's hope that this at least kickstarts a new era of fighting against the cabal, proving that there's a massive group of people worldwide that would rather slide with Russia than with Soros, Gates and the other psychos.

But I really don't think the end of this war would have a big effect on us. Unless this turns into a "full blown WW3" or a "Ukraine falls or Russia falls" type of a war.. I don't think this would have THAT BIG of an effect..

Idk what to think

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I mean that's true and correct. But they always spent those money against the average American. They always spent their money on propaganda instead of helping the people.

And now they're spending less on it and more on weapons.

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Sounds to me like he knows that he knows that HE would've not been known if it wasn't for the internet.

Both him and Asange would've never been known and would've been killed if they didn't start by exposing some republicans at the start, and they got their popularity that way.

The moment they exposed the Dems, both Snowden and Asange were hunted and silenced.

Imagine LITERALLY BEING HUNTED BY DEMOCRATS AND THE CABAL and still going after Trump!?!?!

I know this is not a literal "going after Trump" move, but that's not Twitter and it's also a dumb take

Snowden is not an actual retard...and yet he is still so dumb that he goes after Trump???????????????????

They LITERALLY TRY TO ELIMINATE Snowden and he is still saying that maybe he should be 'OBJECTIVE" and playing both sides.


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It's a uniparty. Billionaires control both parties and feed them money to continue the charade.

Trump was so rich that he could've broken the chain

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In a normal world Project Veritas would be praised and be mainstream.

They are doing REAL journalism.

It's a good redpill dispenser to normies that are still not mentally gone

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I don't get this conspiracy. This is flat earth level theory for me.

If he's alive:

-He's alive, nothing to it

-He is in hospital and not recoved. Or he is actually dead. Why would they need to parade him around? They can use twitter and other places to post photoshopped pictures of him. Or audios of him talking in twitter spaces. They can literally do millions of things to keep the charade.

Why would they put a "clone" out there? Just say "Yeah, he's alive, he sent this audio message to his teammates and the world can hear it. Also here's a most recent photo of him."

Both can be easily done digitally.

And why would they lie that he is dead?

If he really is dead..he wouldn't be the first person that's dead. Nor he would be the first athlete that's dead. Nor, he would be the first athlete that's dead from the vax.

They can still lie. "Yeah, he died..but it's because of _____ not because of the vax."

You think normies would actually doubt that???

Good meme, but this feels like a counter-meme pushed by someone to discredit right wingers as "see, they see a person and they think he's dead, they'll beleive anything even that the election is rigged!"

Not to mention that this shit has nothing to do with the elections or the fact that the government is fucking us anally every day with retarded policies and soon we'd have to sell our kidneys to afford toilet paper and eggs

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Yeah, I'm with you. He looks healthier since he left the office.

I get what the person that you're responding to means tho, he looks...kinda different than his presidency. Maybe he had something done with his face or teeth? Idk, he looks different, but I think he looks better

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Here's how they work. If you don't know by now, you're an idiot.

They being the deep state, swamp, however you wanna call them.

They use you and dump you.

They use you and they promise you everything. It depends on what type of a person you are. They sell the idea of "trust me, this is for america" or "this is for the greater good" to some people and they sell the idea of "trust me, you'd get rich" or "trust me, you'd be part of the cool gang" to others.

Pence is a traitor so they didnt' sell him on the "trust me, dumping trump is best for America" - they sold him the idea on "Joins us and we will make you rich"

He blindly believed them.

He helped them.

Now, he serves no use for them.

And they are dumping him.

Many such cases. Unironically. Many such cases.

Another way of how they work?


Everyone knows that Biden is not the "president" or the "leader"

The swamp is.

They made him a president.

I bet Biden didn't want to run but the swamp thought he was their best option (of dumb, naive, mainstream enough, corrupt enough etc) so they told him "If you don't run we will expose your shit"

So he ran. ANd he won. (edit: he didn't win, they fixed it, just to clarify)

And now..he says "Hey, this president shit kinda easy, i should run again, like Barry did!"

And the swamp doesn't want that. They smell the reality and they want another person.

But Biden's senile ass is still on the "nah, jack, we're in this together lets' do it again, we can do it, busta!"

But the Swamp really sees Biden as a liability even for their standards.

So they push the narrative for "Biden's hidden documents? And hey Elon bought twitter...there's something with his son and his crack?????? Hmmm.."

They are pushing the narrative slowly. Under the lights. So the average person knows that someone out there mentions Biden and some documents??? And someone mentioned something about Hunter Biden??? I thiiiink???

This is a way to send the message to Biden.

"Don't forget we own you. We can literally ruin you in an instant. Just a reminder. We call the shots. Not you."

If Biden is still a retard that wants to run again..they'll go hard against Biden and he won't run again after his reputation is ruined.

Like I said:

That's how they work.

They use you. They dump you when they can't use you anymore.

They used Pence. They can't use him anymore.

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Jesus Christ...

I bet the mom is part of the event or is some ultra far left woman tho, she sees this as "empowering" or whatever

I hope these kids grow up to resent the culture they were forced into as young...

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Boris Johnson became MEGA CUCKED and I think they probably have a lot of dirt on him causing him to flip and become a lib-lite.

Farage is not different, I remember he quit on the Brits a couple of years ago? And now he is just saying what should be done when he could've done this thing on his own if he didn't quit? (I may be misremembering??)

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A couple of years ago, whenever I heard that a younger person died my mind immediately went "Ah, probably suicide."

Now my mind immediately goes "Ah, vaccine."

I wonder how many liberals think the same. They can't ignore the connection forever, surely part of them starts connecting the dots

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Yeah, I am glad I am not the only one, I like this.

I never listend to Taylor other than some of her big radio hits, so I don't have an opinion on her, but I like this.

Not everything WEF-related needs to be hated.

I expected something Yoko Ono-related like screaming and pissing or whatever. But this? This is actually musically sound and seems to have a bit of artistic value.

I like it

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Someone posted the Mark Dice video and I am just now watching it.



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Context? What's next for our Kiwi friends? Conservative government?

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I actually wouldnt' be shocked if MLK was controlled opposition.

They needed some public figure to push some narratives, and also Malcolm X was gaining a lot of traction so they had to find a tame, more easily controlled person that black people can rally around so they pushed MLK as that person.

I really believe he was controlled and pushed by "the powers that be". At the same time, I believe Malcolm X was not controlled by anyone

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When they can't control and ignore it...they'll change the narrative


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What's the context here? What was that remedy (or whatever) that he was using? what for?

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