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I went full crypto this year as a hedge to inflation and it’s worked out so far. Wild ride though

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yes it is. This is bigger than football. The Feds raided the Washington Football Team for something unrelated. Who usually leaks to the NYT? This was leaked because of shit he said about 0bama, Biden and Goodell. Calling Biden a "nervous, clueless pussy" and Goodel a "faggot"

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What a massive faggot

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O7 - Been here from the beginning. Proud to serve with all you Pedes

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and doesn't have the intelligence or critical independent thinking to look into WHY someone would even make that claim... It's ALWAYS REEEEEEE with these people. No though process and pure emotion. That's what make the REEEE sooooo much funnier, every time

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That's the whole beauty of doing this. They get soo triggered and blast it to all their friends and social media followers like they have some superior moral high ground for taking it down, only to share it more and spread new ideas. It's brilliant.

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It;s almost like if you cheat to win, the public won't support you. Who would have thought?

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He’s either a shill or braindead. Brings absolutely nothing to the table. Completely worthless

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No one likes you here or in the real world. Again, imagine having your retarded mind

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