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I don't get the point of mail in voting. Why not just flip us the bird and write a number down? Who do they think they're fooling?

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Yep. They claim their degeneracy was Nazi lies, yet here they are doing the exact same thing.

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Speaker Trump would be third in line behind two criminals. Do the math. Expecting justice is unrealistic though.

Edit: Nevermind, it says before next election. idk man.

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When you import the third world, you get the third world.

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I guess her kid wasn't that important after all.

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I'd love to see it but I don't want to be Russian.

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He's in Costa Rica letting a fat Cuban cigar burn in memory of his father.

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They're proud of it. They love racism and have no shame bragging about it getting them ahead.

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They're defending their ignorance by projecting it onto you. Don't let them. Remind them scrutiny is integral to science.

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Like government would just let people communicate freely.

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They can write ambiguous laws that are maliciously applied so that they can steal your property and lock you up for making them take it from you.

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My work sent us home before the announcement saying it was just until the end of the week, so when they said two weeks, it was already an extension. I did the math and knew exactly where this was headed. Watching people fall into the trap was heart breaking.

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No, it just means they didn't ban it 6 times. Idiots.

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Hey, at least there's no mean tweets.

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We would have had it too if SCOTUS didn't smack down Joe's mandate. We get handled with kid gloves compared to other countries.

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They can't control the opposition if they don't throw in the occasional carrot.

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Purge doctors and nurses while in a pandemic

Purge truckers while having supply chain issues

Purge soldiers while starting a war

Tell me again what are enemies would do differently if they were running the country.

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