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Wow you're a stupid person.

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Don't get mad at me because you have poor reading comprehension. The first paragraph is the answer.

Maybe you could ask a better question instead of blaming others for your shortcomings?

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Do you mean to tell me you didn't read the first paragraph?

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This is not a bad thing per se. The alternative is to let people languish on the street, shitting, and doing drugs.

These people must be forced to improve themselves/get help.

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Good for him! Did Tim fly him and the other guests out on Tim's private jet? Probably not. Tim can handle some cookies.

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You really didn't understand the question??

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What are they all going to be arrested if they all refused? Hell no!

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The problem with Kanye is he's too hyper to get his thoughts out as he addressed briefly just before he walked out.

I was looking forward to this so I'm disappointed it went this way.

One thing people are skipping over is that Kanye has had severe direct contact with (((them))) and they've tried to ruin his life. Tim is coming at it from some attempt at a reasonable approach and dismissing the life experiences Kanye's been through.

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Tim's reaction, and even Luke's, is ridiculous. These are not "individual actions of individual people". The great overrepresentation of Jews in nearly all positions of power changes the context and the conversation.

Jews are not special!

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Good thing they're all still wearing their masks. That was a close one!

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Get arrested you fucker!!

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This is great and all but when the enforcers are the bad guys, nothing is going to happen unless they fear for their safety.

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