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what else is there to get out?

its already out that Fauci personally approved chimera virus experimentation at Wuhan.

It's already out that US agencies funded those experiments.

China was right when it said it was the United States who created and released the virus.

Further proved by the fact that biggest beneficiaries of that virus was the US establishment which used the virus to steal 2020 election in open sight.

So, seriously, what else do you expect to come out at this point if all of the above hasn't resulted in any counter action?

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its kind of important because UK courts sided entirely with Amber Heard when this started and did so very quickly. They also straight up prevented Depp's lawyers from bringing forth any of the relevant evidence.

This is not merely vindication of one actor.

The more egregious this case becomes, the worse UK's legal system is made to look.

Or at least it would, if people remembered that context - UK courts said the bed shitting, bruise faker is the in the right.

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dude, do you not read? clearly this means the pox requires official marriage certificate to spread as well.

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no it doesn't. The difference is the observer.

'has no value' - implies not valued by anyone

'is not valued' - in this context implies not being valued by the one it was freely given to.

ie. a rich parent can gift a car to his kid who doesn't care how much it's worth and doesn't value it, but his poorer classmates who need to earn their first car themselves, do understand the value of that gift.

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the US military can't fight against US citizens

can and will do so with far greater passion than it ever showed in wars outside the borders.

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That which is given freely has no value.

*is not valued

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obviously he is threatening twitter with a protracted legal battle that is very likely to proceed to discovery examining anything and everything from their public shareholder reports.

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The second part is him warning the lawyers that he wants to be moral and ethical.

no, this is just statement of goals. this says nothing of the means by which victories or settlements are to be achieved.

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Pro-Western Ukrainians were antifa and now they’re all switched Nazi’s.

what switch? wtf do you think 'antifa' are? they use nazi early days tactics that first captured Germany, and their actions always serve only one purpose - use force and terror to bring businesses and civilians into compliance with globohomos. They are just brownshirts dressed up and renamed for the modern era.

People who don't know history and don't understand how Hitler came to power, do not recognize them for what they are. Their behavior and tactics speak for themselves to those of us how remember.

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It represents cucks.

Exampled by Ukrainian men going to fight Russians to support EU and US ambitions, while sending their women to EU where EU men will get to fuck them.

Also exampled on policy level as Ukraine is currently doing all it can to export its grain stores outside the country despite an escalating food crisis. Their ministers on internal food security won't shut up about how that grain is needed in Africa and Europe while more and more Ukrainians can't afford to feed themselves.

Also exampled by all the white supremacist Nazis who decided that best way to promote revival of their ideology is spend 8 years bombing and shooting up Donbass and getting the last two countries with highest proportion of ethnically 'white' populatoins (according to the modern Nazis themselves) to slaughter each other in a bloody war.

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"politically correct" - distinct and different from 'correct'. As in NOT 'correct'

"social justice" - distinct and different from 'justice'. As in NOT 'justice'

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The pro-Russian groups that made up the Berkut police force in Ukraine fired upon and murdered 50-100 unarmed civilians on February 20,

no, that never happened.

Berkut came under sniper fire during Maidan first and there were many instances when snipers also shot at protesters. Clear to anyone watching that someone was organizing this to incite more violence. When it was all over, Ukrainian authorities made noise about investigating where the shots were coming from but than quietly dismantled the investigation and memory holed it.

The whole reason Maidan ended the way it did was because Kiev government was trying to handle the protesters with kid gloves. Not only did they not bother calling in the military to defend the capital when thousands of Antifa activists started parading down main streets in full black block uniforms, but they also wouldn't allow police to defend themselves as they were being slowly whittled down by sniper fire.

70% of the population of Ukraine wants to join NATO.

no shit, after government sanctioned antifa goes around beating the shit about anyone who voices even merely a neutral opinion about Russia, the remaining population wants NATO.

Ukraine regime played out an exact copy Germany's Nazi party's rise to power, with mild adjustments for modern technology.

And that regime is continuing showing its true colors. RIght now Ukraine is without fuel and every expert on humanitarian crisis sees that it will soon suffer mass starvation.

What does Kiev plan to do about it? oh, its trying hard as it can to ship all grain out of the country because obviously feeding Africa right now should be the priority.

I bet 5 years down the line NATO bots will be all over these sites to tell us about how Russia rigged a second Holodomor in Ukraine.

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loot and rape children

(spoken of a military trying to establish long term relations on occupied territory, supported by militias half of whom have families in the region)

^ this is what happens to brains on US propaganda

and yes, USA is sold out to globohomos

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Biden's economy is crumbling and I don't think most people will believe Afganistan's pull out was related to Russia. They left a lot of US civilians there at Taliban's mercy.

I hope Trump stays away from that conflict because frankly I am 99% rooting for Russians on this. I've been reading news and watching victims tell their sad stories to news reporters for 8 years - no one but Russian government cared that civilians in Donbass were getting slaughtered by Ukrainian army. Western MSM purposefully blackholed the entire region and the information blockade was so strong that even most of Ukraine did know about the constant attacks.

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how they reacted to their flagship being sunk

Initially, the same way Russians react to combat losses. Grief for the fallen, anger for the enemy. Everyone understood right off the bat that the ship was hit by Ukrainian missiles. My impression is that most civilians understand the need for wartime obfuscation of news so no one perceives Kremlin's initial statements about 'fire broke out on board' as lies or propaganda - simply as necessity of war.

Long term aftermath is hard to measure, but I got the impression that after it came out that it was US intelligence that guided those missiles, there was a general shift of opinion as now a larger portion of population believes that they are fighting a defensive WW3 against NATO and EU.

the recent river crossing blunder.

reaction to that is still settling because there are two theories about the events.

There is a rather prominent Russian pundit who claims to have many contacts in the Russian military and who does daily summaries. His reaction was anger at inept commanders - https://t.me/yurasumy/3511

He outright said those pictures are true and the losses are correctly attributed.

However, he is a significant skeptic of the war progress. His views are heavily disputed by others in Russia:


you can push that to google translate if you want to read the details, but in summary their analysis concludes that the pictures of burned out vehicles are accumulated remains of several days of both sides of the conflict contesting the crossing and that a very significant portion of the remains are Ukrainian vehicles. This is based on their visual identification of many of these vehicles in the images as "БМП-1" which are not in service in Russian army, but are in service by Ukrainians, LNR and DNR militias.

personal opinion - the casualties that Ukraine claimed to have inflicted in that crossing, do not match up with the now undisputed fact that Russians were able to force that crossing later that day, establish a beachhead, repel a day of counter attacks and have since been pushing for a surround of Ukrainian forces to the east and south of that position.

If their mechanized battalion had taken such casualties at the start, such an advance would not have been possible.

On this image, the violet circle shows the crossing in question: https://www.politnavigator.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/photo_2022-05-14_23-13-12.jpg

This map: https://t.me/yurasumy/3513 has now been 'accepted' by most pundits on the Russian side that I've seen, as the summary of the situation over the last week.

The dotted line in that area shows the claimed advance of Russian troops directly in the aftermath of that day.

Tl,DR - Overall the Russians are aware that Ukrainian army + tens of thousands of western mercenaries out number Russian troops heavily (10 to 1 is my own estimate based on the western articles I've seen because Russian MID refuses to state number of deployed troops). They are also aware that Ukraine has been turned into one of the most militarized zones on the planet and that NATO grade weaponry is commonly available to Ukrainian military (because they've been capturing very modern equipment even from Ukrainian 'civil defense' forces)

Overall, most Russians understand this war will be long, hard and losses are expected so majority take these events in stride. Most people believe the country is in for a WW2 level of conflict.

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Russia committed 100,000 troops at the start of this operation, gradually about 50,000 more have been poured in, while a big part of the original number has been rotated.

30,000 casualties (including wounded) seems a bit much for any reasonable estimates.

Frankly western estimates have been just outright lies for most of this war. Consider for example that 3 days after this war started, Kiev has claimed that it repelled the attack on Gostomel airport and that Russians were being forced back.

Meanwhile, up until Russian MID had announced that they were going to withdraw from Kiev direction (which was what...~6 weeks ago), Russian reporters have been visiting Gostomel airport, showing how VDV troops are still holding it against constant attacks.

So for almost a month of the war, western news were reporting that Russians have been repelled on the Kiev direction to Gostomel, meanwhile Russian troops haven't moved an inch during that time since the territory they have taken in their initial advance in the first 3 days of the war.

In fact, in one the interviews a VDV soldier mentioned that they are waiting for an order to advance (this was just a week before they got the order to withdraw instead)

edit: looked up the clips I was talking about this is a Russian reporter, walking around the airport and interviewing VDV soldiers on March 25th. https://rutube.ru/video/c14410585dc6f933fc0d2565d2ad62f2/

Ukraine and western war maps of the time have at this point been claiming to have repelled Russians from there for over 3 weeks.

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OP, while your points are not wrong, Russian pundits have been saying this war is likely to be a long grind from this point on.

Their main reasons for that predictions:

  1. Russia has basically admitted that they underestimated the level of brainwashing that occurred in western and center of Ukraine over last decade. People there hate Russia with a passion.

  2. While Ukrainian casualties dissuaded most locals from volunteering, Kiev regime demonstrated that it is capable of forcibly conscripting men and shipping them to the front

  3. NATO, EU and many US allies are willing to ship effectively limitless armaments to Ukraine.

  4. Fast blitzes and effective deep strikes are non-viable due to Ukrainian forces using civilians as hostages so much. (as shown by Kherson, Mariupol already and also facts that cities like Odessa have not been evacuated despite Kiev's claims that Russians are going to attack it any day now since February.)

  5. The flow of western mercenaries isn't stopping as both Kiev and western MSM quickly quashes reports of casualties

Russians sum this up as 'the enemy has effectively unlimited man power + unlimited military resources'

Tl,DR - Russia itself saying they have a long way to go.

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I am just curious if the 'right-wing' talking heads are still being incompetent about pointing out that Dems are funding terrorists that are attacking US citizens on US soil.

Myself - over the weekend I must have heard 40 times over the weekend about the 'Great Maga King' comment.

But only on checking up on Russian news, I found out that the shooter was a Nazi supporter who would fit right in with Azov. (and they only covered it because apparently the guy hated Russia)

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no child under 18

using 'child' for young people under 18 is retarded.

Teenagers are well capable and prone to extreme violence and cruelty

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don't worry, BIden is sending weapons too. Its just now that lend lease act is in effect, he needs no one's approval to do so nor to notify anyone.

Tomorrow he could hand Ukraine half of US submarines and no one would be the wiser.

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Is it Russian propaganda when Ukrainian soldiers are putting out videos, saying their Brigade level formations have taken 70% casualties in 5 days and pleading to Ukrainian people to stand up for them because Kiev's regime is threatening them with arrest for treason and desertion for retreating on day 6?


How about those protests in Lviv and other western cities of Ukrainian women anguished that their husbands who volunteered for local city militias are suddenly being sent to the eastern front? that Russian propaganda too? Doesn't seem like moves of a winning military

how about when Russia claimed it has repelled Ukrainian attempts to take Snake island, and no one believed them when they said they took out 30 drones, several planes, helicopters and light transport boats... than than over next 3 days Ukraine had to start admitting that it lots a bunch of pilots?

Russians have their own screw ups and there are plenty of spots where Ukrainians are taking their toll on Russian forces, but it just doesn't look like Ukraine is winning.

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MTG has been on the front lines of politics, constantly targeted by the establishment, legally and financially for several years.

we going to turn on her over 1 comment she decided to walk back after she spent years working for this country?

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