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they don't understand future planning, abstract concepts, importance of being on time, self restraint, i could go on ad nauseum

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wolverine let himself go, and i thought cyclops shot beams from his eyes and not his asshole, but i’m sure glad to see the blob quit the brotherhood of mutants and is with the good guys now

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believe me they’re trying to encourage diversity in japan, the problem is the samurai are not a bunch of demoralized self loathing virtue signaling faggots that would welcome tyrone and mohammed into their country to rape their daughters and live off the government welfare… at least not yet, the jews are hard at work to change this attitude

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exactly name one race who would actively cheer and makes excuses for their enemies that actively plot their demise, the racists don’t even have to hide their agenda anymore, those people you are talking about are either white fragility cucks or just plain brainless retards who just does and thinks whatever the jew media tells them to, whites of today don’t deserve the freedom that they’re ancestors fought wars and conquered corrupt nations for

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and whites will continue to ignore stories like this and remain cucked bitches

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