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Oh ffs. This place is a disaster.

The RR police chief

"Allen Banks discusses implementation of community policing in Round Rock and why the police shouldn’t be the first responders for everything. Other topics include policing training, diversity in police hiring, and how to create equitable and safe communities. If you want to know how a community is changing"

Source - https://sundaytosaturday.com/2021/08/02/podcast-policing-with-chief-allen-banks/

Their oath - https://www.roundrocktexas.gov/city-departments/police/divisions/office-of-the-chief/officer-oath-of-office/

City council contact
[email protected] City Hall - 512-218-5410.


Suprise surprise, look at the grooming books the local library has -

Lawn boy - https://discovery.roundrocktexas.gov/GroupedWork/b241ccd9-f894-c152-8755-222170a76b54/Home?searchId=1412287&recordIndex=2&page=1&searchSource=local&referred=resultIndex

Gender queer -https://discovery.roundrocktexas.gov/Union/Search?view=list&lookfor=Gender+queer+a+memoir&searchIndex=Keyword&searchSource=local

These commie faggots are just as bad as Loudoun county.

"The Round Rock ISD school board and superintendent Dr. Hafedh Azaiez have been caught in other recent troubling stories involving abuse of power, domestic assault allegations, offering pornographic material to children, blocking parents from public meetings, and even arresting concerned citizens."


Board meeting - https://roundrockisdtx.new.swagit.com/videos/142132

What the fuck are we doing here? What’s with this arbitrary “time limit” set for concerned parents to speak? Like who the fuck are the commie cunts who make these horseshit rules.

Fuck, I HATE communists. This shit is just evil. This is happening everywhere. Keep digging, you’ll hit commie cunt paydirt pretty quick.

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Un-American like grifting from conservatives while donating to commie Biden and Hillary?

Fuck black rifle.

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I get it. It feels lonely. It IS lonely. Even with a few friends who are on my level, it feels like we're alone.

There's been a creeping darkness for a while now but the last few months feels more twisted and significantly darker.

What really scares me.... The general lack of alarm over all of this. Aside from here, it feels like people aren't truly seeing the evil that is here. The media is doing a great job gaslighting the normies. Not like we ever expected the normies to say or do anything about it - just a sign of what kind of shape we're really in.

I've even heard a few talking heads say their conversations with senators who have a pretty grim outlook and don't think that America is "coming back."

All that downer shit aside, they didn't fake a bunch of votes because we're alone. Quite the opposite, we're the majority and they know it. The gaslighting isn't supposed to convince you, just break your spirit. And it's not working, people who were just standing by are now fucking angry.

It's only going to go a couple ways. America ends up a failed commie state and we live in fear of the three letter agencies busting down doors for wrongthink....or we stop this Marxist takeover and pull it out by it's roots. There is no room for Marxist theory or whatever the fuck they want to call their delusional pedophilic, tranny, sexual degeneracy, no one working racist utopian delusion.

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We will soon. One of Deace’s guests has his people doing some testing on it to see exactly what's in it.

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Seriously, this is out of control. Is there anything we can do?

Yes yes, I know. Abolish the FBI.

I am being serious though, is there anything we can do as private citizens except call our representatives?

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I feel fucking crazy but it feels like the defense is comprised.

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Unfortunately this bullshit is legal in some states. Ballot harvesting is bullshit and needs to end.

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Honestly, I'm not sure he's on the fence about anything. I think he's doing what he needs to do to stay on YouTube. And in all honesty, I'm all for it. He's dispensing red pills, like it or not.

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My employer is putting me on unpaid leave until we get the jab instead of firing anyone. This goes to show you how much these people care about their employees.

This mandate is the line. They can castrate themselves with blunt rocks for all I care.

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I get that. I guess I really know nothing about her other than she made a dumb decision and she's starting to see the reality.

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Why? So he can get banned on YouTube and stop reaching normies? He gets banned and then he's on rumble reaching the people who already know.

Tim's good where he's at. I'd rather him bite his tongue and keep passing out red pills.

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I'm disappointed by the responses here. This thread makes us look like the Twitter mob.

I hate this bullshit attitude where we want people who are waking up to suffer. Like what the fuck is that shit.

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Round rock has been in the news over this race theory/tranny faggot bullshit a few times now.

The cancer that is Austin spreads quickly.

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The police will kick your teeth in if they're told to do it. Especially after the purge of good police quitting during the lockdown enforcement and mandates.

They've now got people who are willing to enforce unlawful mandates and will comply with any government orders.

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Yeah, I guess the real question is.... What do we protest first? The list is so long.

But seriously, the fact that I haven't seen protests does worry me. I see a lot of these "conservative" talking heads say we need to act, the time is now, stand together and fight back, etc but nothing happens.

I personally think that people like Crowder, Deace, etc will need to organize protests. Their reach is many times greater than anything you or I could ever organize.

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Nah, let him go after Kyle and he'll end up like the other pedos.

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Once violence starts there is no going back because of all of the things you mentioned.

A lot of people just say "get the rope" and trust me, I get it.

But you go down this road, there is no halfassing it. We're talking about some real biblical type shit here. There will be one winner, not a "sort of."

People will need to believe that every other option has been exhausted. I haven't even heard of a fucking protest getting organized. Oh wait, the last one in DC was called a psyop.

We're talking about your wife and children possibly living without you, forever. Do you have a plan if you die? Do you have another strong male father figure in your life for your son to learn from if you eat some lead? Money? Food? Shelter?

What happens if you go "start the revolution" too soon and it doesn't work out and you kick off the total military state? What if your family becomes a target while you end up in prison?

Way more complicated than just "get the rope."

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