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until your face hits the ice ... but then again in clown world, they just censor it and act like it never happened.

just like in the soviet commie world

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you know you are in clown world when the flag holder skater has to go rescue the star skater and eveyone thinks its normal

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exorcism spirit cooking parties at the DNC

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I thought they were going solar and windy ... reeeee

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The WEF + UN + Blackrock plan for "sustainability" is to put a price on everything in Nature so that only the 1% can afford to own and enjoy Nature.

The rest of the 99% are to be crammed into megalopolis, , own nothing, live under "sustainable" rules dictated by the 1% and be happy about it.

Thus the 99% wont be able to afford the luxury of ruining Nature for the 1%.

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He even says he wants more people (ie migrants) crammed into the urban centers so that they can force more people to live along their "sustainable" technocratic rules than what can currently be done.

the Honk honk madness is strong with this one.

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Keep it coming. we love your work and posts exposing these NPCs.

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the real ass kicking happened live under his watch ...

Remember the afghan mess Joe ?

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Klaus and Soros actually even look the part

both cringe worthy villains

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substitute "narratives" with "lies", which is what they really mean and yeah reptiles are good at that.

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idk but those afghan talibans didnt need F-15s ..... they had AK and RPG

or did Joe forget the whole thing again ?

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This could be the new Honkening truckers revolt againt the globalist pandemic insanity that we saw in Canada a year ago

Hoping this trends hard

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I agree that it is a sickness ingrained in humanity since the start of History.

But the solution is simple and actually in the US Constitution : never allow any group to be at the top for too long so they cant constitute the controlling cabals.

nothing is absolute and it is a cycle that forever repeats itself.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." is actually literal advice from the founding fathers on how the country should be run domestically.

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a hypersonic is like a pinpoint nuke without the radiation and collateral damage.

I was thinking switzerland is technically not NATO, so theres a chance to wipe off the reptiles without starting a nuclear winter for the rest of humanity.

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to think that one hypersonic missile could deliver the earth from the reptilian scourge

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