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a lot of the studies don't count men having sex with boys as gay if the man is married (he is counted as a heterosexual predator).


  • roughly 1 in 3 molested children are boys, say 33%

  • 90% of molesters are men

  • gay men are roughly 5% of men

instead of same-sex molestation being about 5% (the estimate of the gay population), it's likely 5-6x higher than expected

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we know

they know that we know

we know that they know that we know

they know that we know that they know that we know

they just don't care & honestly most people just want to keep their heads down & be left alone

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well, it's not polite to address someone as a "mentally ill man" when a simple "sir" will do, but i understand why others do it

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if you're not sure, go with "groomer" to be safe

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the problem comes in when he's dressed as a woman

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Nobody is saying that the CDC made killer eye drops as part of their depop agenda

The point is that eye drops have been around forever and still sh*t happens

The "vaccines" are no better than natural immunity, would never have passed actual testing, and now countries with high uptake are linked to 20% excess mortality

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8 years ago is when the Obama administration changed how temp was measured - effectively cutting the satellite measurements which were colder & reprogrammed the buoys.

Before that the temp had been flat for 14 years and it was awkward because the Paris climate summit was about a year away.

So, every day leading up to the Paris climate accord we magically had record temps a over the world, and then it all stopped.

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i proudly announced to my wife that i gave up rooting for all sportsball teams 3 years ago, and she's like - "now you follow politics every day & root for your team"

i had no reply

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if you're younger, you might not realize how many people watched the same TV shows at the same time, and how that became kind of touchpoint of the culture.

106 million people watch the last episode of MASH 43 years ago the same night

there are so many new shows, that are streamed at different times on so many different channels that TV is losing cultural relevance despite there previously never being anything close to the $1 billion budget LOTR series that Amazon created (and swiftly ruined)

Politics is the closest thing we have to a real-time touchpoint that you can rely on others to know something of. Although the presentation is completely polarized.

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it's definitely him. although it is odd that he's suddenly left-handed and allergic to shellfish.

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I'm 100% Trump, but I wouldn't exactly cry if DeSantis was our next prez

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the great thing about Trump is that this is unlikely to happen, but definitely not impossible

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Trump should stage a PSA - where he announces he's going to get the newest booster on TV

Then while it's filmed - in the last minute, he gives the male nurse a Stone Cold Stunner, the 2-bird salute & announces that he's banning the "vaccines"

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Emerson College Polling sampled 1,015 registered voters between January 19-21, and the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent. “It is important to remember that subsets based on demographics carry with them higher margins of error, as the sample size is reduced,” the polling outfit noted.

basically, we can only voters who actually exist, so the contest results may vary from our polling

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