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Who is John Jeffry Louis and who owns the Arizona Republic?


This link contains a rabbithole I was not expecting to stumble across. A reporter for the Arizona Republic named Don Bolles, who was known for his coverage of organized crime in Arizona, especially the Chicago Outfit, was murdered in a car bombing. Don Bolles got his degree from Beloit college in Wisconsin. His final words after being found in the parking lot the day of the bombing included "John Adamson", "Emprise" and "Mafia".

Emprise, now known as Delaware North, operates hotels, as well as racetracks and gambling venues, including more than 10,000 video gambling machines in such places as New York, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and West Virginia. Venues include Finger Lakes Gaming and Race Track.

The company is also involved with food service at sports arenas, and is responsible for the creation of Secret Stadium Sauce, a popular condiment mostly associated with Milwaukee.

So John Jeffry Louis bought out the newspaper that exposed a gambling organization associated with Finger Lakes and Milwaukee, which led to the companies indictment for working with the mafia, after the reporter, who obtained his degree in Southeastern Wisconsin and was known for exposing the Chicago mob, was blown up?

I doubt these things are unrelated.

According to Wikipedia's list of journalists killed in the United States, Don Bolles is the only journalist to have ever been assassinated in the state of Arizona.

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Instead of trusting the corrupt, dysfunctional and weaponized process Kari Lake and others should Trust in Jesus Christ and The Truth and help Expose the Root

Racine and Arizona are closely connected.

You don't need to look any farther than Kari Lake herself to see this. Her mom is from Appleton and her dad is from Richland Center. What are the odds she can be trusted?

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Why do the Rothschilds and Johnsons have such concentrated banking and financial interests in Wisconsin and Arizona?

I know the Path of Souls is a major reason why they are concentrated in Racine, but Arizona is less obvious. Is my speculation correct that it has something to do with the evidence of glaciation in ancient times in Tucson (terminal moraine) where a Rothschild was recently the mayor?

Or is it something simpler, like they want to set themselves up to control the southwest by building a future water pipeline from the great lakes into Arizona?

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How did they manage to get the number of victims to exactly 6 dead and 66 injured?

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no problem, take your time. it's a pretty convoluted topic and i don't think i did the best job explaining it here, so i apologize for that. i was trying to keep it as short and simple as possible.

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I'm not seeing why the naming of the Wisconsin Glaciation period can't be a coincidence, with respect to the celestial specifics of Racine: There are four such events in the Midwest U.S. named after different midwest states, based on the "Historical names" charts here, and they wouldn't all have the same Milky Way connection if Racine is actually unique: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin_glaciation

Note that these other glaciation periods correspond to different time frames, with Wisconsin being the youngest and last period of Glaciation. The second to last is the Illinoisan, which very close to Southeastern Wisconsin.

I am going to try not to go off on too much of a tangent, but I find it very interesting that the next youngest period after Illinois is Kansas because of a related rabbithole regarding something I refer to as the "Wakanda" intaglio mounds. I also call it the "Wakanda leyline" because every place you will find either named Wakanda or that features a Wakanda intaglio mound is located around the same band of latitude, around the mid ranges, between about 40-45 degrees give or take a little.

An intaglio mound is an "inverse" mound. Basically it's a hole in the ground in the shape of an animal (almost always a panther) instead of a pile of dirt. Intaglio mounds are ultra rare, and there is only one (possibly two) left in the world, at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. There was also one in Milwaukee but it was demolished to build a cemetery where the Wisconsin elites are buried. I bring that last fact up because the word Wakanda means water spirit or water panther, and the water panther is very important in the Mound Builder religion, being the guardian of the underworld.

One of the places with this name is Waconda Springs, in Kansas, which is just slightly underneath the aforementioned band of latitude, at 39.49 degrees. This is the only other place where an intaglio mound may still exist (some sources say the only place is Fort Atkinson, but my research says there is still one left at Waconda Springs, KS). Before the site was flooded by the US Army, there was an incredibly unique brine water spring here, which some geologists said was the only spring like it in the entire world. The Native Americans believed that it was a bottomless pit and it was so deep that when white men sent a scuba diver down in the mid 20th century, the diver was unable to reach the bottom. Unfortunately, you cannot visit this incredibly deep spring today because it was flooded by the US Army Corp of Engineers. If you do a little bit of research you will find that several sites containing these intaglio mounds were flooded by the US Army which, to me, indicates a coverup.

What are they covering up? I suspect it's entrance points into a natural underground tunnel system, but I can't prove that (more on this in a second). I bring this tangent up because the other glaciation periods on this "Historical names chart" that you brought up are all located within this band of latitude. Most of Kansas is outside of that band, but the sacred site of Waconda Springs, however, is right on the edge of it. A more detailed, but convoluted explanation of this can be found here if it interests you: https://archive.ph/8iynP

If you look at the other places that I said the cabal was located, most of them are also located along this band of latitude (excepting Arizona and New Zealand, but Wanaka NZ is actually located along the same corresponding band on the Southern half of the globe, at 44.6 degrees South; this is important because NASA built a permanent base in Wanaka because it's the only place in the Southern Hemisphere where they can view the galactic center. [NASA also has a base in Racine]). All of these places except Allentown are either well known for their tunnel systems, or in the case of Arizona, have Native legends about entrances into an underground world.

With all of that said, it's important to remember that the Horlick family from Racine funded Admiral Byrds Operation Highjump to Antarctica and supplied them with their malted milk powder. Admiral Byrd claimed that during this expedition he entered an underground world. Furthermore, Frank Lloyd Wright, who is from Wisconsin and built Wingspread conference center (which you discussed earlier with u/TrustTheTruth about NPR's founding) planned to build Crystal Heights in D.C. which was supposed to resemble the crystal towers that Admiral Byrd described seeing when he entered this supposed underground world in Antarctica.

So, to answer your final question:

Assuming the elites believe in this cataclysmic cycle, are you saying that they're situating themselves at extinction ground zero on purpose? Wouldn't that be about the worst possible place to be, even if they're moving "just outside" of glacier territory?

I think they go underground. This is just speculation, but I think there may be a connection between this cataclysmic event caused by something in the galactic center, and Earths axis of rotation, with the rotation around the axial tilt forming natural cave system along this band of latitude.

they wouldn't all have the same Milky Way connection if Racine is actually unique:

If what I just said is accurate, I think they do all have the same Milky Way connection because the galactic center would cross over the horizon along this 40-45ish degree band of latitude as the earth rotates. The Southeastern Wisconsin area is extra special because that is where the galactic center also aligns with the worlds largest source of fresh water and and extinction level impact event. Racine would have been extra extra special to the Natives because it contains the farthest extension of land reaching into the Great Lakes in the area where the galactic center is over the horizon, and the Mound Builders believed a soul needed water to ascend into the Milky Way. This spot, known as Wind Point, is where the Racine elites live and send their kids to highschool (the Prairie school) and it is where Wingspread conference center is located, where many of the most important decisions were made in the last half of the 20th century.

That makes sense. They also would have built everything near water just because they had to live near water to survive, but it also makes sense that it was spiritually significant to them.


If you look at this list of reportedly haunted locations in the United States and start clicking randomly on various locations, you will find that a majority of these sites are near some kind of water source. It's not all of them, but most of the ones I click on have a river, lake or stream very close when I look at the location on a map.

Is there a video of this for visualization? Because of the way the Earth's rotation works, I'm having a hard time picturing it.

I've looked hard for a map of this, but it doesn't seem like one exists, at least on the internet. If you read the link again it says that the galactic center is only present here during the summer months due to the rotation of earth:

One final point of evidence is the document on CIA.gov called "The Adam and Eve Story", which is about a cyclical, cataclysmic pole shift. I don't know if anything this dramatic is really possible, but it's interesting that it claims on page 17 (page 24 of the PDF document) that Wisconsin was once located at the North Pole: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf

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There was no such thing as a Palestinian until Arafat made it up in a PR move at the end of the 1970's

wtf are you talking about?


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This subject could really use a cohesive treatment in one document tying things together, to reduce cognitive load on readers.

A while ago I tried to condense as much as I could in one post, which you can find here: https://archive.ph/fJ0Oa

I'm not sure what you're saying here. Are you advocating for some kind of New Age belief, or are you saying that beliefs like that are why elites picked Racine?

These beliefs are why they picked Racine. I personally believe it has something to do with a roughly 12000 year cataclysmic cycle that many conspiracy theorists have talked about, and this event (possibly a pole shift) has some connection to the galactic center. It can't be a coincidence that the last ice age (Younger Dryas event) was known as the Wisconsin Glaciation period.

It is critical to understand two things that the Native Americans believed; 1) that our galaxy, the Milky Way, was the "Path of Souls", and 2) that when a person died, their soul had to locate a source of water before they could either ascend into the Milky Way or descend under the water and wind up in the underworld. For this reason, Mound Builders almost always built their funeral mounds near a source of water. You can see a map of these mounds here: https://recollectionwisconsin.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/distributionofmoundsmap_wisconsinhistoricalsociety.jpg

Here you can see that the Galactic Center glides over the horizon in Southeastern Wisconsin: https://archive.ph/6misW#selection-603.6-679.31

The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water (by surface area) on Earth and they just so happens to be located at the same place where the center of the galaxy glides over the horizon. Furthermore, the Younger Dryas extinction event may have been caused by a comet or meteor striking the Great Lakes region: https://m.scirp.org/papers/74412

Whatever force could cause an extinction level impact event to align with both the largest source of freshwater on earth and the over-the-horizon position of the Galactic Center must be why those spearheading the climate change agenda have rooted themselves in Racine, which is the exact spot where the farthest point of land extending into the Great Lakes in Southeastern Wisconsin (where the galactic center is over the horizon) is located. The Younger Dryas extinction event resulted in a major shift in the climate.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is the correlation between terminal moraines (the point where a glacier stops it's advance) and the places where the elites live or have built doomsday bunkers. The elites in Racine have extensive ties to the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York (via Cornell university), Arizona (where a Rothschild was the mayor of Tucson), Allentown Pennsylvania (Where the the founders of the Racine-based InSinkerator company moved to) and Wanaka, New Zealand (where numerous elite doomsday bunkers have been built). In every single one of these locations, a terminal moraine exists. Allentown, in fact, is only a few feet from where a glacier stopped it's advance. Southeastern Wisconsin, of course, is also located at the edge of a terminal moraine.

That is only a brief summary. There is a lot more to this, such as the striking similarities between the Native American afterlife belief and other religions, particularly the ancient Egyptians (whose symbolism is often adopted by Freemasons) as well as the documented paranormal activity associated with water. You can find much more info on these aspects in the following posts:

Why Racine: Understanding the religion of the Mound Builders and the Path of Souls

Racine, Witchcraft, and the flooding of the "Wakanda" Mounds by the US Army

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Is NPR's origin something controversial that people have to "admit" to or something?

NPR was conceived in the same building that an incredible amount of other highly influential institutions were conceived, from the international criminal court to the first ever blueprints on nuclear arms control, to the american highschool curriculum in the 80's and common core education today. Look up Wingspread conference center.

That's just one building in Racine. The area has been highly influential for a very long time. Even the first car (known as The Spark) was invented there.

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You can find a ton of info laid out here, without any cryptic sounding questions:

archived Voat threads: https://communities.win/c/TheDonald/p/15JTbBo3zZ/zuckerberg-tells-joe-rogan-that-/c/4OcRBXWCLLE

posts from GAW: https://communities.win/c/TheDonald/p/15JAcRgK9N/x/c/4OcPdMBzF2n

Maybe Racine actually is special.

It has to do with an alignment with the galactic center and the Native American concept of the "Path of Souls". An unbelievable amount of happenings, inventions and corruption line up with an ancient Native American sacred site and the galactic center.

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I am not TrustTheTruth, just someone who has been following him and researching Racine since the Voat days. I also edited my post with an extra link that I forgot to add. It's this one in case you missed it:

  • Multiple men from Racine, Wisconsin and surrounding areas were arrested for "vampire" sexual assaults on minors and received light sentence. (pizzagate)


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I saved a bunch of old Voat threads about Racine.

You can still find many of TrustTheTruths Voat comments here: https://searchvoat.co/search.php?st=comments&co=on&forum=on&u=TrustTheTruth

There were also a number of posts about Racine made by the user fogdryer: https://searchvoat.co/search.php?co=on&forum=on&u=fogdryer

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Hi. Here is a bunch of research I compiled on Racine over a few years, with links to mainstream news sources to back up almost everything. It's a lot of info, so you don't need to read everything, just click on whatever seems interesting to you, but I suggest you save these archive links in a text file on your computer in case this site disappears some day.

General Info Dump

Why Racine: Understanding the religion of the Mound Builders and the Path of Souls

Racine, Ukraine and manufactured famine

Racine is the Invention Capitol of the World

Racine and the Bavarian Illuminati

Racine is the Emerald City

Vampire Cults and Satanic Murders

Star Wars and Jeffrey Dahmer

South Park and Kenosha

Racine and The Witch of the "Wakanda Leyline"

Racine and Kony2012, the model for Mass Formation Psychosis


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Paul knows who the Sphinx Head Society is and how they connect with Racine along with other elite societies and networks. He drove the Weinermobile for them.

Oscar Mayer was a member of the Sphinx Head Society, along with a disturbing number of others involved in the global food supply chain.

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Epicenter is the right word. Why would the over-the-horizon position of the galactic center be located at the exact same place where all of this evil is centered? What are the odds the over-the-horizon position of the galactic center would also be the exact same place where the worlds largest fresh water source is, and also the same place where an extinction-level comet impact occurred? The last ice age was known as the "Wisconsin Glaciation Period" for a reason.

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It's an offshoot of CPB which was founded by the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967

Nice try. A year earlier, in 1966, Wingspread held a conference that resulted in the creation of the CPB to "act as a funding and policy making agency". It looks like when a meeting is held at Wingspread, Congress doesn't hesitate to act.


The three-day meeting took place at Wingspread in September of 1966. What resulted was a set of specific action steps designed to convince members of Congress that radio deserved equal billing with television in the pending Public Television Act. The eventual result of the Wingspread meeting: congress issued and passed an amended bill. The Public Broadcasting Act authorized the creation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to act as a funding and policy making agency. National Public Radio was incorporated in February of 1970. A meeting that ended very well – All Things Considered

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/u/KillaryBillary Here is a bunch of research I compiled on this subject over a few years, with links to mainstream news sources to back up almost everything:


The history of comments here has much more information, and there was a larger history on Voat, but Racine was the reason they shut Voat down.

Here is a link to an archive of some of the posts by a user on Voat who was likely part of the reason why the site was shut down:


Please share any information that you think is important or compelling.

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I doubt it's a coincidence that Cargill was incorporated in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware. I updated my post to include the connection. Didn't Cargill executives also have a sexual assault scandal similar to the one Curt Johnson was involved in?

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Where did Curt Johnson work previously?

/u/GEOTUSMAGA u/PFF_deplorable Curt Johnson (whose father was in the Sphinx Head Society) worked for the food company Cargill (incorporated in Biden's home state of Delaware) and Diversey, which is involved in food safety, and is now owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. Paul Ryan of Racine was Mitt Romney's running mate in the 2012 presidential election. They ran "against" Obama from Chicago, who Anna Makanju (advisor of the Ukraine Business deals) campaigned for in Racine. The price of wheat in Chicago is the main benchmark used for the price of wheat globally. Chicago SRW wheat is the most liquid wheat futures contract in the world. Racine was known as the "original Chicago" and the connections can be seen in their football team the Chicago Cardinals (CC is another way to express "33") which was originally called the Racine Normals. Mitt Romney is named after the quarterback Milton "Mitt" Romney from the Racine Legion.

Last year Ukraine produced 33 million tons of wheat. Americas population of 330 million is now "predicted" to decline.

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The simplest connection is Anna Makanju. She is an operative with the Atlantic Council.

She advised the Biden Ukraine deals.

SC Johnson based in Racine is also a key sponsor of US-Ukraine Business Council events.

Cornell University is another close partner of everyone involved.

Joe Biden made his big speech at Cornell based in Finger Lakes (see Hunter Biden’s back tattoo) the same year the school received its largest donation - from the Johnsons in Racine.

/u/GEOTUSMAGA u/PFF_deplorable here are all the Ukraine connections from his post distilled more clearly. Another less obvious connection is Stalin's daughter who lived in Racine and married Frank Lloyd Wrights structural engineer. Stalin manufactured a famine in Ukraine.

Today Ukraine is the main excuse for the worldwide manufactured famine. Who controls the food supply chain? It's members of the Sphinx Head Society from Cornell. Oscar Mayer is the most obvious example. Paul Ryan, from Racine, drove the Oscar Mayer wienermobile before being catapulted into politics and becoming speaker of the house. If you ever have nothing to eat, you will know exactly why.

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