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My "liberal" education taught us then smokers' breath wasn't from the smoke, it was the lung rot. You know how people who smoke have a stank smell but the ones that have been going for 40 years have a sour smell added, of which I wanna say indicates massive lung damage?

I have no conclusions or speculations. Just related stuff. Take it and form some sort of guess. Autopsies might help

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Meanwhile antifa continues to actually harm us and they silent

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I realize what they think they did.

But what they actually did was ensure I never spend money at a democrat owned business in the future.

I never pull over to help a car with a democrat bumper.

I never buy anything at democrat grocery stores, but I will take their ice cream and put it behind other foods just enough to look like I didn't know what I'm doing.

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I'd have an audio recorder ready and on for every conversation after you get flag up. You have obvious surrounding by people who have historically inflicted harm so I'd personally think it's fine but I'm not a lawyer and check with the laws of your state for party consent.

One side, great. Two sides, wait until Trump winning happens. I mean when momentum shifts. Courts are probably just like that. c0mmiefornia, even if not in calif

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If you want a humble pie I can dish it out pretty harshly to you and them. For you, I do this to teach you something. For them, well... they probably don't have internal thoughts. LIterally they're drones who don't believe they can do any better in life.

I don't know you, so I can't tell if you're built similarly and just happen to have worked their way up the ladder, or if you have internal thoughts making you a NOT-NPC.

If you're not a NPC then listen up, I'm gonna beat you down then rise you up a little bit.

Congrats on getting to the top of a mindless factory... a job literally built for drones with no internal thought process. The pay raises and incentives were basically cheating for someone with internal thought system, however they're trash. Garbage. Get it out of your head that your pay is anything close to what it could be if you used that brain of yours just a TAD more.

Compare staying there with going to college (for eng/technical) or doing some self-learning. You know what youTube and a Flutter course will get you to START at? 70k minimum in the right area. With some brains you can fill in the gaps and make 150.

3-5 years later you can enter management and double your pay.

Wherever you are, it's probably built for mindless drones. You just happen to not know this. NPC's are real, you can look it up. Also you won't ever "Show them"... you can't. They're not able to process it. Focus on yourself, not them.

Dream big? Then leave as soon as you can, gtfo and go to school for engineering in something. There's thousands of positions and types of this work. Can you find a solution to a problem by breaking it down? Then you're in the wrong place. Absolutely wrong, get the fuck outta there before it eats your life away and you spend 20 more years forgetting you even had a brain.

Because right now you're dancing around coals with mindless humans who don't even have a consciousness. You wanna bow to those the rest of your life, or do you wanna find cool people and leave the menial shit anybody can do to the people who can only function there at their best?

Your life reflects your surrounding company. Now find some company to surround yourself that reflects what you feel your potential can achieve.

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Well now that they know this....

They're all filling up bottles.

Good luck.

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If he were to say Women or African American they'd say "We proudly own"... so why is it antisemite if it's another race?

Most people are proud to own things, even in this type of context.

Something's really odd

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I've been planning what to say the day my dad succumbs to the vax.

Mostly things he said. "It wasn't on CNN so it didn't happen" is one of my favorite ideas so far.

"That's just a trumper disguised as someone who died from the vax". I laugh now but I'll be sad when it happens.

"He didn't send enough to Ukraine."

Laugh while it's funny. It will become sad soon. Especially when you literally see these as non-jokes on the state-run news sites

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Do me a favor and after the "official" count get a copy of a machine and keep adding Kari votes.

Bet is that that Robson will still be 9% ahead

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Mother Theresa had the mind that was in Christ. What she did was guided at that point in her life.

You have taken an opportunity to see unconditional love and omniscience awareness and instead of learning not to judge your brother, you have judged the mind that was in Christ.

You will be given more of these opportunities. Please stop with the failure, for condemnation only affects yourself. Freedom comes for you when you see it in the other one.

If it helps, everything you see right now is history. It is a recording. The only freedom you have is to choose between the timeline where you wake up, through nonjudging. Of course you can choose not to, but that cycle is endless until you wake up.

So do you wanna be trapped here or get back where you came?

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For now, focus on the coal industry. They're about to do something very interesting.

And I don't read messages so you'll just have to be confused as to how I know my info.

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I know how to help her.... the parent that is.

type in that usename to any search engine.

Report to the cops anything that seems abusive to child/s

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Try not to post things like this.

Sure it's history and shows that maybe Germany started by trying to fix something... but it it went very badly... remember the left will grab anything they can to link us to bad.

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I love how the parents are just bending over and accepting that they can't do anything.

You don't have to glow, just grab all the cops' communication and force them to tell you who gave them the orders.

Unless that happens I will assume our military is committing treason against the US.

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This is why I ask questions instead of make assumptions.


Now... since most electronic devices are built to tolerate double their load... and have a shit-ton of safeties, I have another set of questions.

If the safeties exist, why weren't the people doing their jobs.

If the safeties don't exist... well that's an entirely new set of Q's that don't belong in the present but for all of its lifetime of functions

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Does electrical fires cause black?

Does smoke even get emitted from a transformer?

How does something surrounded by metal catch fire.

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This is inaccurate... and assumes kindness on pharma.

Do you remember 10 years ago when news of Bill Gates' people got in Africa and an entire village attacked them?

Apparently we were told that they didn't like the vax side effects and some "ignant ppl" didn't realize some small amount will be effected. (oddly enough I think that's the proper form of effect... when referring to the shit that happens to them, as oppose to affect, verb). The grammar around those 2 is complex...

But lately I'm thinking Africa knew what was up. Gates wasn't giving vaccines. He was testing this.

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There's shills saying this was an event that happened in the past. They're all over various social sites.

We need to make it very obvious that this is happening now, THIS YEAR.

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Oh, this is in their company chats. You won't find it in public. subpoena subpoena subpoena.

Sincerely, a tech worker and friend of people who have said.

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Find faith healers that practice under Christian Science, but more specifically The Infinite Way.

The Infinite Way has real ones, at least the few that understand the teachers. Admittedly only a small fraction will actually understand healing.

Faith healing takes on 2 forms. 1 is easily defined... you can guess what it is. The other is gradual. You can call it a slow erasal of what caused the thing.

You would need to find an actually spiritual person for either, but obviously the latter requires more "doing" of the forgive thing.

It will appear as if God wasn't involved at all, for the latter.

OR.... you can run around scientific documents and figure out how it works from the ground up then come up with a cure. This has also happened, but it won't erase the karma

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