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Don't legitimize neopronouns. A person is either a man or a woman.

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Don't forget the Space Force!

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There are 0 trans people. Trans does not exist.

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I never said there was. I was talking about a hypothetical if the ballot measure in 2020 failed.

But apparently you lack reading comprehension.

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No, ranked choice/instant runoff voting is not illegal. I have no idea why you'd think something like that. The amount of misinformation surrounding IRV on this site is astounding sometimes.

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Voters are not required to rank more than one candidate. If you vote for only one candidate, it will count.

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It's a top-4 primary, she only needs 20%ish first place votes to advance. She will almost inevitably be one of two R candidates listed in November.

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You realize that IRV actually helps us here? Murkowski would probably win a first-past-the-post Republican primary right now, but once it's narrowed down to 2 R candidates we have a better shot of beating her (especially considering most third-party voters won't be going to Murkowski as their #2.)

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Nope, the instructions specifically say that a single vote is legal.

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It's disturbingly common for people here to not realize that IRV actually benefits us in most elections, as it diminishes the effect of the split conservative vote.

In a "normal" primary + first-past-the-post system, Murkowski would probably win the R nom today with under 50%, leaving us no MAGA options in the general. In the new Alaska system, she has to beat another Republican in November.

She had 44% of the vote in 2016 with full Republican support. The only way she beats Tshibaka is if she gets a decent portion of the R vote and most of the Dem/third-party voters pick her over Tshibaka. That's not likely to happen.

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Ranking her last is equivalent to ranking everyone else and not ranking her. Instant runoff can never have a person's vote count for their last-choice candidate.

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Because anyone can register a domain name and redirect it anywhere.

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Because they're too old and crusty to be put to any use.

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Because anyone who still thinks it came from a bat is a faggot.

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They weren't rioters. Stop using their language.

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