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But this race isn't for Georgia government..it's for US government

Nothing that happens here affects Georgia any more than it affects every other state

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Nobody wants to hear it, but it's not realistic to send 18 year olds who lived their entire lives in America "back home"

I think it should be looked at case by case

Most of you will simply stick to your principles. Which is fair enough. But I don't think it's realistic

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It's essentially the same as the mRNA "vaccines"

Only difference instead of a nanoparticle holding synthetic RNA, it's an actual "harmless" virus (adenovirus) that carries the RNA coding

The problem is it's still using a genetically modified, unnatural RNA. It's not like natural immunity, despite the fact that it's supposed to be

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Did this guy actually get killed, or was it like that last time when they claimed to kill someone who has been dead for 5 years?

And what happened to "Isis K"?

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This site is probably run by the FBI to catch "domestic terrorists"

None of us care

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Masks protect against bacteria

Not viruses/viral packets/envelopes

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Could just be the standard for "autism" being broadened because mothers want an excuse for their bad parenting

Or drugs. Who knows

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That headline does not match what the research actually said

If anything, the research was pro Hydroxychloroquine

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We all knew it was coming

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What if President Trump tells you with have 3 safe and effective vaccines?

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