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  • Covid was intentionally released.

Can't say that one

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He needed to kill someone to show you how dangerous they are. Expect doubling down

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Oceana was always at war with East Asia.

DO IT by klmd
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We shouldn't be forced to pay taxes into a shitty system.

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I don't want anyone committing suicide, but you are right in that it's probably around the corner. Her issue hasn't been handled right and she will look in the mirror and see a monster one day staring back. Sad.

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Seems like if you were going to off yourself, you should at least try to take out one of these Billionaires that are responsible for this mess. Notice I didn't say politicians.

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This is an insult to all the women in the Navy.

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I can't tell what's real anymore.

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So weird. Why do they care so much? That makes me not want to get it more than anything.

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Or be thrown in jail without a speedy trial.

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Two weeks is fine. It's really not fine if you are the head of a department that is have a huge crisis that effects hundreds of millions of people. He either doesn't understand how terrible it is or doesn't care. Either way he doesn't need to be there. The guy took two months.

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