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The dad went out to get cigarettes...

A future Fentanyl Floyd.

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"This is no time for Trump's hysterical xenophobia"

~ Potato Joe, Jan 2020.

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Yeah, but you'll be hard pressed to even get to that 64 number since many seats up in places like California and Maryland which are D+30 seats.

Hell, it would be a great night if we even got to 55 in 2022 because of how tough the map is (2024 BTW is a much easier Senate map than 2022).

You won't even come close to a 2/3 majority.

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With control of the house, senate, and supreme court we impeach and remove Biden and Harris.

One HUGE problem there...you need 2/3 majority in the Senate to remove anyone from office. There are literally not enough Senate seats up for election in 2022 that could get the GOP that kind of majority (if GOP won all seats up for election, they would have 64 which is 3 less than the 67 needed for a 2/3 majority).

If Andrew fucking Johnson didn't get removed when the opposing party controlled >70% in each House, good luck removing anyone w/o near unanimous support in Congress.

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fuck cucker the fucker carlson lmao. he said that pedo joe won in a legit election and that there was no theft. all the cucker simps need to realize that cucker was complicit in the COUP against trump!!!

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Kamala has the charisma of a paper bag. Nobody is electing her for one term, let alone two.

That's why the media is running hitpieces on her and desperately trying to prop up Buttigieg for 2024...they know Harris is going nowhere.

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Youngkin will still be better than the Democrats. I'm 100% certain about that.

RINO is still better than Democrat. Because the RINO will give you what you want 50% of the time. The Democrat will never.

Mitt Romney still voted with Trump more than the most conservative Democrat, Joe Manchin.

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Your username is literally "penis cock dick schlong".

Tell me you're a faggot without telling me you're a faggot lmao.

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We are about to get a new McCarthy era when republicans win the House in 2022.

The Kevin McCarthy era...

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Yeah, but what you have is paid DNC shills that come here, spam the N word, and spam about Jews and Israel in every post.

"Hello fellow caterpillars"

Then they take screenshots, put it on r/parlerwatch, and say SEE...muh Glompf supporters really are racist Nazis.

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There's talk that either of the 2 could switch to independent caucusing with Republicans, giving Mitch the gavel back if things continue on their current track WRT Biden's ratings.

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