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fuck rand paul lmao. he is a low energy beta cuck. people here should quit masturbating to him.

this cuck voted for pedo joe on 1/6 and rubberstamped the theft. he also voted against funding the border wall TEN TIMES because of 'muh principled lolbertarianism'.

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I read somewhere that >97% of federal employees are vaccinated. IDK about military though.

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The redline essentially doesn't remove anything if Congress doesn't subsequently follow up by voting to remove the redlined items within 45 days under Impoundment Control Act of 1974. So it was just a virtue signal move.

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No, he didn't. He "redlined" the pork, but Congress told him to fuck off so the bill went into effect in total.

On the evening of December 27, after coming under heavy pressure from Democrats and Republicans, Trump signed the bill into law without his demands being met.

Trump indicated that he would create "a redlined version" of the bill accompanied by a "formal rescission request to Congress insisting that those funds be removed from the bill."

Congress is not expected to act on this request.



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fake and gay

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Actually he didn't. He threatened to, but then backed down and signed it.

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fuck off stormfag

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fuck cucker the fucker carlson. he said that pedo joe won in a legit election and that there was no theft.

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All of those are within a 100 miles of each other. NY/Philly/Jersey Suburbs/Wilmington are essentially considered to be the same metro area.

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fuck off Q-tard LARPer lmao. QTARDS are a bunch of choke artists who choked harder than romney in 2012 with their 'predictions' LMAO

'muh trust jeff sessions', 'muh trust bill barr', 'patriots are in charge'.

fuck QFAG LARPers like mike lindell for getting people to believe this hopium horseshit.

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That's what I'm saying. These 80 voted for the bill b/c it had military funding, not because it has whatever you're angry about. The Dems included that other bad stuff to trap these people so they would either be forced to vote no on a military bill, or be forced to endure their base's wrath when the extra junk passes.

No such thing as a "clean bill" anymore...always filled with booby traps.

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The actual bill was for military funding. The vaxx tracking was stripped out of it in the Senate.

The Dems do these booby traps inside of must-pass legislation (like the NDAA military funding bill) knowing that it will get us all riled up and make us eat our own. Then they quietly strip it out in Senate or conference.

They did the same tactic with red flag laws a few weeks ago and retards here were all up in arms even though everyone knew it would get jettisoned later.

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Why don't you get off this site then?

Funny how this site picks and chooses when to be Pro-Trump and when to shit on him. When it comes to vaccines, even though Trump has emphatically endorsed them and told everyone to get them, everybody shits on Trump non stop when he brings up his Pro-Vaccine stance and says they're never getting it.

But when people bring up legitimate concerns about his ability to deliver on the agenda he promised and ran on, and promote someone who we feel can do better at not hiring RINOs in cabinet positions and pass important agenda items, they get downvoted into oblivion. Then suddenly, we're supposed to be rigidly behind Trump 110% and can't question anything or think for ourselves.

I'm tied to the MAGA ideology...it's bigger than just one man. DeSantis is the right guy for the moment.

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While the left is taking over the country, we're over here putting stickers on fucking gas pumps.



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you fuck off DNC simps. you love cucks like murphy, newsom, and gretchen whitmer right?

according to you those are the best governors in america right? faggot ass motherfucker. attacking desantis while probably masturbating to cucks like whitmer and newsom.

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i'm pro desantis because faggot dnc shills like you are against him lmao. you are a Q-tard LARPer that likes RINOs like mitt romney and kinzinger.

GFY RINO simp.

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Except he HAS done everything he has promised and more. Nice try faggot.

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I want DeSantis. Trump hired too many RINOs like Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, Chris Wray, Bolton, Mattis, Esper, Milley, Kelly, etc.

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