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Someone call Algore, there's some real inconvenient truth being covered up.

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Yes, we take responsibility for ourselves. Leftists just use "environmentalism" as a cover for "more government regulation."

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Marxists don't care about human life. Hence, they care more about puppies.

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Proofreading: Make It Work For You! πŸ˜‚

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Specifically, he's ranted against gun ownership. He's deeply, bitterly anti-2A. He rages against groups like the NRA, but right now it seems very likely that it was his own carelessness with a firearm that killed this woman. This isn't the time to be nice.

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"the voluntary phase is over"

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Leftists would rather cater to pedophiles than hear a black man say something they don't like.

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I've been glad to see this. Rogan has the potential to reach a lot of people and make them think critically, and I'm hoping he continues this trend of telling the Left to fuck itself.

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Yep, he needs to be done. His career is trash at this point. For years now he's only been famous for hating Donald Trump. Now he's killed someone. Bye, Alec.

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I saw an article that quoted "investigators" as saying that Alec was ranting about Trump and waving a gun around (he's widely known to have a hot temper). I anticipate we'll get more specific info about that soon.

The other argument that he was breaking procedure is simply that if he had followed procedure, this could not have happened. Three different people (director, armorist, and at least one of the other staff) have to give approval onset before an actor points a weapon and "fires." Additionally, the two victims were off-camera, which means there was no reason he should be pointing the weapon at them (i.e., they weren't actors whose characters would have been in the line of fire). Ever since Brandon Lee died in onset in a shooting accident, studios are very strict about who can use firearms and what has to happen to ensure they're safe.

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According to an article I just saw, he was waving the gun around ranting about Trump. I assume he does this every day.

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Jerry Doyle, the guy who played Garibaldi on Babylon 5, was a staunch libertarian. His radio show was taken over by Robert Davi, who was in Showgirls and Profiler and Die Hard. Kelsey Grammar's pretty right-wing, and I think Jim Caviezel, too. Most of them are very quiet about it.

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Adam Baldwin made a good point: there are strict rules about firearms on sets. And Alec Baldwin has used prop guns before; heck, he was in Hunt for Red October. There is no excuse. There is no way he didn't know the safety guidelines. He probably just lost his temper and didn't give a shit.

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Adam Baldwin knows his shit. He's been in a lot of movies/TV with guns, so he would know onset safety protocols backwards and forwards.

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And two people. Was it one bullet? Because if it was two separate bullets, that means he fired the second shot before realizing the first one was real. What kind of psychotic asshole even "pretends" like this?

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The Brandon Lee tragedy should be at the front of anyone's mind when working with guns on a set. There is absolutely no excuse for "oh I didn't realize it was functioning."

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Man wears a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything.

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