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It has yet to be explained what happened before he went into the school.

Daily mail had footage of him running towards the school and has since taken it down.

He was likely fleeing arrest for something else.

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Came here to say go fuck yourself retard.

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Neon is a huge stormfag.

I'd be real interested in confirmation on it being an actual illegal tranny which would be fucking poetic.

Would not be surprised.

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I am curious what the initial incident was involving border patrol before this faggot ran into the building.

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This has not been confirmed yet as far as I am aware.

But yes, I imagine ICE has jurisdiction within a certain distance from the border.

With that said there definitely appears to have been an altercation that took place before he fled into the school based on the footage Daily Mail has up.

It's not clear WHAT happened before the shooter fled into the school though but it definitely seems like he did not just walk directly into there with the express purpose of gunning kids down.

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The border patrol shootout was in the daily mail headline initially 2 minutes ago but its still in their summary.

Looks like high probability illegal.

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They already edit3d the title but this is still in the summary "A gunman allegedly opened fire at an elementary school after he exchanged gunfire with border patrol agents and barricaded himself in the school, sending the campus into lockdown"

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Fuck this stupid green card bitch.

She belongs in her shit hole country "doing the needful" for 6000 US dollars per year.

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This is so insane it would be good to have the original archive.

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Put this thing in an all black cell block where the minimum sentence is life.

Ignore it when he is raped on a daily basis and ignore it even more when the abcdefg idiots get outraged.

Our weakness is what has allowed these people to affect the culture to the extent that they do.

Restoring masculinity to where it was in the first half of the 20th century fixes this instantly.

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Treatys do not supersede the constitution.

Ignore every word that comes out of their mouths.

Use cash every single Friday (more often if you can).

Pull your money out of central banks and get it into local ones.

Move out of shithole states.

Treat every fucking action taken by the federal government as an enemy action.

And if your life is ever threatened by any party violating constitutionally protected rights you are legally obligated to kill them.

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Stupid fucking retards.

The two or three that aren't bots keeling the fuck over would be doing the gene pool a favor.

I'm actually insulted to share a common species with these whiny faggot fucking retards.

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"Are we really to believe that Black Rifle's recent meteoric stock price rise and ultimate collapse were just natural forces of the collective judgment of Black Rifle's business prospects?"

No, you shouldn't, because its a CIA front being run off of drug and human trafficking money.

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Stop promoting this piece of shit that covered up vegas.

Worse endorsement than oz.

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What happens when our terrible fucking films have to be judged against the same criteria as everything else?

Hopefully these idiots sink into depression and never get out of it when they find out the promotion of their lifes work was the equivalent of telling a 3 year old scribbling crayons on a sheet of paper they have a future as an artist.

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Its not 2002 anymore. This ancient fucking retard will fail with todays modern flow of information.

It is a weakness that they continue to fall back to people like this who may have been successful in the past instead of picking operatives that are up to date with modern systems.

The stupid tranny bitch probably would have done it better.

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Its incredible to me how people still pay attention to this CIA fake news channel and this fake news channel operative.

This faggot will never ask any question pertaining to 2000 mules because his controllers will not permit that. No reason to when all they need to do to get peoples attention is "ohhhhhh shit" gotcha comments about fucking nothing.

Stop promoting Fox.

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Dark MAGA is exploiting the weaknesses these degenerates are blackmailed with.

He was taken down with relatively harmless nonsense compared to the degenerate disgusting shit mccarthy or graham is blackmailed with and this faggot still chooses to keep his mouth shut instead of revealing what he knows.

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Nobody should be applauding nonsense like this let alone stickying it.

You are paying this faggot to go home and write a script to read off of that will be ignored by the communists that stole power.

The "rhetoric" needs to be tightened up and the enemy needs to be named properly (deliberately destructive communists) in as few words as possible.

He can easily call out the corruption but he won't do that because his fucking summerslam WWE fake opposition party is involved in that also.

MTG just barely clears the bar in her viciousness and she still has a ways to go.

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Brooklyn muslim defiant.

Dirty filthy disgusting brooklyn muslim defiant.

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