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Yup, biden basically got the ball rolling with this mandate shit, opened up the door for everyone to push it themselves

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That's the predicament I'm in. Waiting to hear back about religious exemption.

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so this is what it's about now, get everyone the shot so the pussys that were afraid of the coof finally come out and spend money or get back to work. These fucking retards need to just come out already, the virus ain't going no where since the vax poison doesn't do shit.

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Take a picture of someone else's card, that seems to be working for people in nyc

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along with the offspring and rage against the machine...so disappointing

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100% This is what cemented me in not getting the shot. I told my supervisor that maybe i'll take the 1 shot j&j, they said oh there's a booster now, I said how many shots are we going to have to take, basically replied back that we will be taking shots forever.

no shot and still working for now, i'll be out and the shot police will come for the doubled jabbed soon enough.

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Probably not that site. Definitely a fucked up mind state those posters must be in though.

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eh I don't know, the only people I know left that are smokers, including me, are mostly antivax or ambivalent towards the whole thing. Now ex smokers, or people that now vape, that might work, 99% of those ones I know are all provax.

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this is so fucking funny, "and their stupid frog" i nearly burst out laughing but stiffled it to avoid having to explain this to my wife who probably would have just looked at me funny.

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Upstate is still based, pretty much the only blue is nyc.

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