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Like Project Veritas keeping liberal employees of high profile corps in a state of constant paranoia, i take some small comfort in knowing that loads of these twitter people probably are squirming wondering whats next.

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Maybe Chapek is on a certain list thats due to be released??

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Saw Page/Plant at the garden in 1998. When they played No Quarter you couldnt see 20 feet from the herb cloud. I had never experienced anything like that.

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Is that the same based viking who tore up the san diego city board meeting over vaccines?

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Thats it. I will continue to raise my family like its 1956. And as long i take responsibility for policing what my kids get taught in school, no one can stop me.

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Just act like you won. Have a victory speech. Appoint staff. See what they do.

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Do not concede!!!!

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Thats not fully correct. Some of them are heavily jewish, but most of those red areas are the remaining white working class outer borough neighborhoods. Howard Beach, whitestone, mill basin, gerittsen beach, most of Staten island, Rockaway Beach. Mostly Irish/italian/eastern European. As with anywhere in the country, where ever you find white people with blue collars, you will find red voters. Even in New York City.

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Im crying laughing. No one ever got through the Belt!!!

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Im in the battleground of this race. Everyone is voting for Lee. Even jewish dems. If Hochul wins it is pure fraud.

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