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They could run an empty seat against us at this point and we'd lose to their corruption.

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And we're still losing to them. So that says a lot about us.

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Lol it's still theirs and who's going to pay for the damages?

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That's dumb to destroy your own government property.

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The same way Biden got 81 million votes

jml1997 32 points ago +37 / -5

Yeah they aren't though. How many more times do you have to see this? Right now Kari is just being strung along until the next election cycle rolls around. She thinks it's a win, but it's just a stall tactic. The court system is basically playing hot potato with her cases.

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All I said, is voting is over. 2018, 2020, 2022, and coming to a voting precinct near you in 2024. Your vote no longer matters. 2018 was a shock because we had 2016 momentum and things were looking great. 2020 came and as soon as Covid hit, me and my friends said they were going to steal the election. Just didn't know how? Then we saw how and saw how pathetic the entire system was to just look the other way. 2022 came and I voted because you can't bitch if you don't vote. But called AZ steal months before the election, and PA was not as much of a shock because Trump endorsed the wrong candidate. But you can think I'm being a doomer. I'm just being real about voting. Other states will crumble due to corruption in the next few election cycles. Although the country may financially collapse by then and we'll have more problems.

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I'm saying we're past voting and that's been proven. When the GOP stoops to DNC voting tactics as they've said they will be doing. Then the DNC will not do those tactics and will let the GOP do them and scream illegal voting and the election was rigged. It sure as hell will be proven that time and every court will be ready to see that evidence.

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You don't get it. Trump could get 90% of the actual voters and the left will manufacture 91% made up bullshit and you guys will still be talking about voting hardener in 2028. Voting is over. AZ and PA proved that.

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Go ahead with your sham hearings that do nothing but creat sound bites for the idiots that believe you're doing something.

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No there wouldn't. There's enough shit happened already and here we are still bitching on a message board.

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He'll be arrested for sure. The one thing we are not thinking about is the J6 treatment and him never being charged with a crime but held like the J6'ers.

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That's one peaceful way to fuck them over

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Wouldn't be much of a call to arms if it's peacefully done.

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