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The consequence is everyone knows beyond a reasonable doubt that our Presidency is completely fake. Of course the charade continues. No one expects Communists to give up power because someone checkboxed a form.

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It's ok because using kids to fear monger about guns saves lives. Leftists will go to any length to disarm people.

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States run by Communists are going to stay Communist, ofc.

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You mean Communists will be Communists even when hiding behind an (R)?

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Which puts them at an enormous disadvantage compared to all the corps that flipped the Feds the bird. They need to use government to destroy businesses who don't comply and this takes away their nuclear bombs and F-15's.

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No, they absolutely love openly tormenting the powerless. Democracy posed a formidable threat to their tyranny and it ran rampant in America. It's only once people give up hope of enacting change that tyrants are free to do as they wish.

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They've been hiding it for centuries and now they feel confident enough to publicly exert their limitless authority for nothing but sadistic pleasure.

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Lmfao! They didn't cover anything up! They caused a tremendous scene. Commiting more crimes only compounds things. The left just doubles down until everyone starves to death.

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Yea, politician's today are a great reminder why tar and feathering was a very reasonable solution.

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I hate to break this to you, but no one thinks that musty potato is the most popular American to ever live. Everyone knows it was a complete scam and this and countless other debacles are exactly why there's no doubt.

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Lmfao! You're just looking for excuses to hate President Trump. Not my problem, but good luck. You're gonna need it with Dementia Joe as a constant reminder of why literally anyone who's not an open Communist is better.

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the staff were "encouraged to show genuine support publicly and that support would be remembered."

lmfao! Great plan. Went exactly as you'd expect.

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