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We need a couple of folks in the military to secure a couple of crowd pleasers. Let China know to stay in their yard or we jus fucking launch.

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Fuck SCOTUS for doing this now. This is all because the polls showed that left-leaning U voters were either staying home or voting R. Time to bring out the wedge issue.

I will say this now. I am perfectly ok with liberals aborting their young. I am perfectly ok with welfare parasites saving me $$ by aborting their spawn. I am sick of this costing us elections in swing areas.

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Everyone identify where the ballot boxes are. Stake them out. Watch for the people showing up to dump ballots. Use your imagination.

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At what point do we do something about the totalitarian state being assembled in front of us?

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How is he stupid if he figured out how to make all that $$?

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That was the worst part of post 2016 - Howard became unlistenable

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Yes. Become an hero!

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I hope he has scar tissue in the shape of a mask permanently burned on to his skin.

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Yesh. Bitch doesn't want to overturn Roe v Wade. Bitch knows he's outvoted. So Bitch leaks it to stir up shit.

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