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Yeah even AJ saw through it today.

Kanye needs to get his shit together. He sees a lot of truth, and then destroys any progress he's made with his sudden freakouts.

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Doesn't exist anymore. Is there an actual archive?

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I miss Steve Jobs - at least he was real to people about what he believed.

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I've been saying this since April of this year.

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What, so you think that Ben Shapiro shilling for Ron DeSantis and smearing Trump has been all upright and honest?

I'm not saying this source is right even 99% of the time, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're right this time since they would like nothing better than to split the Right over Trump vs DeSantis.

They are getting paid big bucks to dig dirt up.

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I know it's a very left wing source, but even a dead clock is right twice a day.

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Reeeeeeeeee people have a right to euthanasia

by Tesic
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Yeah they seem a bit hokey pokey.

I guess time will tell.

by Tesic
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tik FUCKING tok

At least Brazilians tend to do things instead of just getting high on hopium.

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You're right - I was thinking about this too.

I know someone who's Brazilian and they said it's for sure that they rigged the vote in Northern Brazil.

Apparently people would come and offer old people 200 bucks to just vote for Lula, and then they would threaten them if they didn't vote for him after taking the cash.

This happened a TON.

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SEeeee it's a signn!!

Q is Real

Trump kNeW bAcK tHeN iN tHe hOmE aLonE mOviE.

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He is more than willing to watch your kids for the afternoon so you can go out and protest white supremacy. :)

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Probably fake. Not because I don't think they are capable of doing so (they probably have in China already), but because these Q-tard larp posts are always bs.

Also yes it's highly unlikely they conducted an experiment in the West this large without somebody noticing.

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On top of that - we all know people are dying from the clotshot, but I'd say bs that is 99.9%

I hate these dumb Sydney Powell kraken posts that just spread rumours.

Let's be thorough with our research.

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I agree with smoking, but not alcohol. Wine and the like has been part of traditional society for thousands of years. Excessive use of it stems from a lack of responsibility by parents training young people. Alcohol in moderation has few risks and very possibly even some benefits.

Smoking on the other hand is purely bad for your body and very likely to cause lung cancer.

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Cameras trying to not be raceeesst

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Would have won if he said Trump Won

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Yeah it was a keyboard typo. I'm well aware of the correct spelling in this context.

Still, could be thought of as a double meaning lol.

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Whoah he deleted the tweet now.

Probably getting threats.

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