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resign my ass.

fucker deserves to face a firing squad for taking a flamethrower to this country.

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Too little too late.

You deserve to hang for treason you sack of shit....in minecraft, of course.

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No AV updates or patches since fucking AUGUST 2019. Holy shit, i'd be out of the fucking job!

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This should be literally the most simple expression ever

it's addition for fucks sake. the gaslighting here is off the charts.

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yep...there's bad folks in every profession.

some people....the cheese fell off their cracker a long time ago.

nothing you can do for them, handle your own business, and make adjustments in case you encounter these folks in future situations.

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eat my ass with a fucking spoon

and don't whine about it.

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Methodology We get data about the videos we track using the YouTube API. We check for new videos every 10 minutes. We check like counts, dislike counts, and view counts on a schedule that varies by video age, as described by the table below. To calculate the real dislikes on a video, we tabulate only increases to the dislikes, and ignore decreases. On normal YouTube videos (e.g., on PewDiePie's videos), the official YouTube stats and our real stats completely agree. On many White House videos, there is a huge discrepancy between official dislikes and our calculated real dislikes. Open-source data: Our data is freely available for download at the bottom of every page in three convenient formats. You can download it and use it in your own reports, charts, and graphics. If you want to validate our data, you can simply monitor the likes and dislikes we report, live, to the video's actual YouTube page. You could also validate our data by using the YouTube API. If there are any data scientists out there, please contact us if you would like us to link to your project that evaluates the accuracy of our data. Video age Check frequency <1 day every 10 minutes <3 days every 20 minutes <7 days every 30 minutes <14 days every 6 hours <28 days every 12 hours

=28 days every 24 hours

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really great analysis using the youtube api.

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What if i told you that the establishment sacrificed half a million or more americans, and potentially millions more in the medical profession, on the gamble that it would oust donald trump from the presidency?

if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck....it's a fucking duck.

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