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Yeah. I get that some people have said Rush has saved their lives, but this name doesn't come naturally and she will have it until she changes it or dies.

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I would like to see them be smelted.

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Even Limbaugh as a first name would have been better.

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He had a few bad meets and purposely tanked a few to seem like he doesn't have an advantage, but he beats the women when he really tries.

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Which one is the bla--- never mind. Wouldn't be here anyway.

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The problem is the connectivity. Original Reddit was a great idea because you didn't need to log into a video game forum, log into an anime forum, register with a music player forum to ask a question, register to a TV forum to ask specifically this tv vs this tv, etc.

The infrastructure needed for these sites is huge. Small dedicated sites were fine if you could trust the ones you used. Most people trust celebrities just because they are strangers that appear to be more tangible. That goes back to the celebrities having the edge in making new websites to compete with what's already been done.

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lol Miko. I know him. He's a simp now.

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Right. If anything, the laptop may have helped them figure out targets, but it's not the reason why the Russians are there.

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Watters was solid (no matter puns intended) until he started with the Ukraine propaganda.

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I liked Watters but then he started shilling for Ukraine. He isn't a vax shill like Gutfeld, but saying we need to protect Ukraine from Russia lost me.

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The military wants enemies of the regime dead. Don't expect anything good to come from the military.

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The NPCs are saying, "So you believe what Russia says? Russia Today is state propaganda. I listen to real news." If one enemy tells me a truth about the other enemy, I listen. Russia is not my enemy either, so I listen and I have no ill will toward Russians.

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He had the most to gain from it and he had fights with Kurt after trying to hook up with Courtney. Everyone suspects Courtney because she had the most access and the way he would have held the shotgun would have been extremely awkward to do.

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