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Not exactly a positive thing.

This is why I emphasize that red staters discriminate against blue staters, because the Commiefornian rats are fleeing a sinking ship onto another floating one so they can sink it as well. You need to let them drown rather than harbor the vermin.

Fucking Hollywood was based upon New Yorkers fleeing their rotting shithole for "greener pastures" that they wilted. Now LOOK AT AUSTIN AND ATLANTA. It's time to end the cycle.

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Seriously, I hope this teaches you lot that "le sooper smart sociopaths" are in fact not smart, and that doomers are pathetic cowards who have surrendered without a shot fired and want to drag you down with them.

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...not exactly.

Sam Altman's pointing out that the AI models are essentially replicating headline skimming--they don't check the sources or read deeper into the material and they can't detect sarcasm, so they'll regurgitate whatever narrative the headlines form because they have no capacity for critical thinking unlike actual thinking. "AI" is just a marketing term for brute force empiricism.

Replicating a normalcattle's laziness at wanting other people to do the thinking for them? Sure. But not actual intelligence.

Thinking is improved by practice, so we should think as much as possible, so as to get better at it.

This is the point I want to make, however, because intellectual laziness shouldn't be encouraged.

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guys dont water fast even though it was normal to go without food sometimes and even though theres religious precedent because religions are stinky stinky

your muscle will waste away until youre a shriveled raisin and you will lose zero fat even though that goes against biology | sources: dude trust me bro

just fucking keep eating yourself to death

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Fucking lmao, you can always tell who's an urban parasite very quickly. ALTHOUGH it must be said that baking soda and our access to it is also a byproduct of modernity. The correct solution is to practice a better diet instead of the garbage, corporate-sponsored schlock (yeah bro, cavemen ate loaves upon loaves of bread instead of animals and berries).

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My favorite part was when he got up and said "IT'S MUELLER TIME" and muelled all over those Drumpster fires. Truly one of the things of all time.

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Reminds me of sociopaths who keep pets not because they love them, but because they can abuse them without them fighting back and because they're incapable of socializing with actual humans.

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I always love when lefties try to pretend to be us but keep slipping by mentioning some bullshit like "mUh PuRiTy SpIrAl" that only libshits believe in.

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Nope. 1) Trump won't stand for it. 2) Got Pantses took the silver pence from the RINOs and globohomo ESG hedge funds, he's theirs now. Rupert Murdoch won't let him even if he wanted to, hence why Trump won't stand for it.

People should have really fucking learned with Trump the public is finished with empty gestures and pandering now that they've had a taste of what our country could be like when a candidate follows through on his campaign promises.

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People already knew months ago because of his OpenSecrets. But never check on your primary sources, because that would be plain uninformed. /s

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lmao at Trump "supporters" who still haven't figured out that Trump is liked because a) he really is funded by the people and b) he has integrity.

GotPantses forfeited his chances as soon as he took RINO money.

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Remember when "two more weeks" was mocking Fauxi and wasn't a leftist forum slide tactic whenever election fraud came up?

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It's fucking laughable how some people think ChatGPT can be mistaken for actual humans. It's only the Internet molding people into treating conversations like Mad Libs that this could even be remotely entertained.

The Verge reported that Microsoft’s Bing chatbot recently claimed that Google’s Bard chatbot had been deactivated. The chatbot’s response was supported by a news article discussing a tweet, which itself was based on a satirical comment from Hacker News. This situation brings attention to the problem of AI misinformation telephone, where chatbots can inadvertently misinterpret stories about themselves and exaggerate their own abilities, frequently based on a single joke or doubtful source.

Never mind, it replicates not reading past the headline, it passed the Turing test folks.

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Why I called for a strike on critical infrastructure, which would still be protesting but more effective, and harder to construe as violent.

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disappointed that President Trump called for protests

Gay. Just voice that you didn't like how he didn't cover the citizens on legal fees.

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They benefit from public ignorance and apathy. The more impoverished, sick, and degenerate we become, the easier we are to conquer.



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I'm going to upvote you simply for actually using the correct iteration of the phrase, in its original context.

But no, Trump did not have control over the CDC's bullshit.

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"2 more weeks" is a shill psyop because "2 more weeks" originally referred to mocking Fauci and the CDC when they were rolling out those totalitarian gene therapeutic and mask ritual measures; the party line was "two more weeks to stop the spread" to justify the lockdowns. You can actually go back into this site's archives to verify the original context in which the phase was used.

Obviously as people caught on to how COVID was a scam, the lefties didn't like the heat so they decided to spam it as a forum slide tactic as a means of dismissing any dispute of the 2020 election to "change the meaning." You can tell somebody is a leftist when they use the phrase because Rule One stopped being enforced by the site moderation a long time ago.

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