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He'll suffer his whole life from standing in a pit of toxins, but it'll be worth it to make you feel like you're helping 👍

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Another BS attempt to try and convince normies that there's a Trump alternative.

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Surely they can be transitioned from lawn mowing to orbital mechanics.

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I feel like Biden can't do it, and more and more Dems are realizing that for real. If he stepped aside now and said 'you know I've reconsidered and blah blah blah' it would quell all of the clamoring about his age and he could ride out the rest of his term. Everyone hates Kamala, but then she could run and and it would be a fair match, i.e., they wouldn't be 'replacing' her, the voters would.

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The AI proofreader concurred with the AI writer. Its science, so the message is correct.

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Would like to know what it was armed with 🤔

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They're eventually just going to run an AI for office, and the press won't care.

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Let's be real. We all knew how a McCarthy speakership was going to look.