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I bent my wookie

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Go for it.

Next the rest of us start screaming about that thing MORE dangerous than firearms.


Demand you do something about THAT!

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Them for sure. I still have 50 bucks on jack black too.

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i wouldn't bet on that.

He strikes me as WANTING to be on the list! Desperate! Do anything bootlicker!

but nobody really wants him in the big club. because it's george lopez... lol.

he's more crackwhore tranny in dirty alley than elite pedo island.

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i heard they whined about antisemitisim.

lol. because they don't control hollywood right. ha!

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that laptop is the reason we are getting AI everything.

those videos will be called ai deepfakes.

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this. :(

the shaman is a fucking joke from the start. someones doing a play up on stage for us.
(and everyone is falling for it mostly! holy shit!)

And all the other people haven't even seen court! no tv lawyers for them either.

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back to the middle east. again.

israel is shittin a brick sa and iran getting along chummy.

so we'll go fuckup syria where sa is fighting? again.

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Now you KNOW that if you don't see that kind of persecution.


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I'm proud to say i've never seen any of the movies.
I can't believe they even made them.

It was a racist comic JOKE from decades ago! the black people city... wakanda...
wakanda place is this? haha.

Now it's real and being treated serious! haHA?
I can't tell if it's a joke!

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wanna bet?

handwave skip over the jungle part. just a black guy chimping out in london.
it'll be huge! they'll love it in wakanda!

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It is true. Really really beyond true.
They have no idea what the fuck to do with the right leaning anymore.

We were supposed to go all gung ho about ukraine!
join up the white nazis! fighting the ebil ruskies our ancient enemy!
(and covid! the anti-vaxx were the left leaning loons like jenny mccarthy!)

For the first time ever the right is saying pretty loud 'nah' to all the shit! even the troops!

they're goin insane. they don't get why... can't figure it out.
and isn't that just sad as hell.

nobody tell them.

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german? now you're at the bottom of the list!
did you not notice whats being done to germany?

you'll need to be at least triple trans and handicapped to offset german!

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You take medical advice from a politician?
we don't. never have...

oh sure they run their mouth about it. but it's just filler. expected noises.

so... you like ACTUALLY listened to them?
huh. well that sucks.

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no this is the 100% on the boomers.
(not their kids. what kind of logic is that?!?!?! shit boomer logic! blame their own kids!)

boomers destroyed the world just so nobody would call them racist. it didn't work.

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No he won't. That was approved for tv rant. it's on the script.

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One year in jr high we had a hippy dippy teacher wanted us to do "black art" for feb.
She got fired. REALLY FAST! Several students were suspended.

cotton balls can be offensive. the things i learned! yay school!

you know the problem is systemic and circular right? stupid schools produce stupid teachers who create stupid schools.

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