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Fire fighters are heroes. Rest can fuxk right off.

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They're so far off it's not even funny, unless AI hits some sort of miracle stage 6, expect 10 to 20 more years of us.

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I'm 6 months in, OTR and the respect we get is garbage. We have almost no place to park, most shippers and receivers give 2 shits about you, your appointment times, basic bathroom faculties, etc and other 4 wheel drivers sure don't care about you. We get paid between 50k and 70k on average for work that while doesn't require a college level degree, it does require the ability to speak fluent English, understand 100s of laws that vary from state to state, basic math and geometry, and a metric shit ton of experience.

Problem is you can't get it without doing the actual job. There are way too many dumb as a box of rocks and clueless truck drivers, but there are many many more 4 wheeler drivers that shouldn't be on the road and either ignore when we communicate what we are trying to do, or outright become ginormous pricks and don't realize it is no where near the same driving a big rig vs a 4 wheeler.

So while I'm no hero, just fucking respect us, if we put a turn signal on, don't fucking speed up, we see way more than you, farther ahead, there's a fucking reason we're trying to get into the left lane.

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It pained me for the season when Kaepershitstain started his political bullshit. I watched as the NFL, who provided endless opportunities for white, black, Hispanic and every other 1% top athlete make 100s of thousands, in most cases millions of dollars. Now you tell me how to believe politically, religiously and shove woke ads down my throat and try to guilt me as I pay overpriced tickets, apparel and merchandise from 3rd world countries who literally you give zero fucks about, yet preach and cave to BLM and other shit... NEVER AGAIN. ROT IN HELL YOU BIGOT AND COMMIE BASTARDS!

Been sportsball free for the past 4 years

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Just heard the new narrative, covid shots are now only 50% effective. Strap in for more bullshit...

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Fuck them and their bend-the-knee sauce

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I ride. You're a fucking retard who hopefully doesn't kill someone because of your absolute lack of brainpower. Follow the fucking rules of the road and don't be a fucking asshat.

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"Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved"

Applies to more than just dating women ?

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Not gonna lie, "Mergers and Aquisitions" got me for a minute. ?

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spez: laugh my fatty ass off

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