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Just saw a woman riding a bike with a mask on and helmet I screamed at her over the nose you fucking cunt!!

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We can Argue over percentages but the reality persists. We could lose a couple of billion people and be fine due to automation.

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I remember playing Star Trek on that, lot of fun.. Also programming games on the Commodore 64... fun times

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Conservatives don't like Bill, we're just watching the left eat itself, he's spitting in their faces with logic, now they are divided and infighting. if you can't enjoy that we have to question your sanity.

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Upon reading the bill and referenced section 4001 of the congressional budget resolution, it looks like what this bill actually is, is discretionary "emergency" spending with zero oversight.

Basically "we're totally going to buy baby formula with this money trust us and stop worrying about it and give us the money already."

Giving 26 million to the FDA so they can totally make sure this doesn't happen again when they allowed it in the first place

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See, they hated Europe for being so anti-Israel, so a faction of Jews in Israel devised a plan to fight back, they would cause mass migration through wars in Iraq, and Syria flooding Europe with Islam. They calculated if EU was against them anyway, let Islam destroy them as payback. Now they are doing same here while competing with CCP who can destroy America and get richer doing it.

CCP is winning btw

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Here is a large image.. https://i.redd.it/9wftn28nwgj81.jpg

also reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Grimes/comments/sz1l0j/was_grimes_trying_to_warn_us_about_covid_before/

it shows a sequence of emojis, in this case a virus (+) 3 shots then (=) Aliens

that is what happened, first virus, then shots and booster, then Congress released info on UFOs yesterday

Autists and Anons on /pol/ warned this would happen and they would run Project Blue Beam which uses high tech to fake aliens or Mother Marry image to trick the public and set off riots and mayhem so they can then pass draconian laws and create a police state

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they don't have too.. the NPCs will simply believe it is only them, and the rest are doing fine.. and if not they will simply blame Putin.. There is no backing down. those that can see already have and left the plantation.. the rest are stuck there for eternity..

How you ask? can't they see for themselves their own pain you say?

DNC MSM Mafia have trained them to hate our side so passionately, so completely they can never identify with us so even when they find out they were lied to by Democrats they will have no choice but to keep voting for them because "GOP are worse"

This is what 99% of this site miss. there will never be a mass awakening. those that have already did.

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all predicated on the idea they have the virus in the first place and let them in. while believing paper can stop it and not become saturated, breathing through contaminated paper.. holding an infected cloth to your nose and mouth is "safety"

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