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You're doing God's work, I try every chance I get but mostly get blank stares... most have no clue about 1917 and what happened to the Romanovs and Whites.. how they targeted Farmers anyone with a horse, etc.. NKVD were monsters along side the SS.. 35,000 Gulags, 60M murdered.. don't get me started on 2014, Donbas and the 14,000 murdered the media ignore.. the fact they don't know this proves the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

"They don't say any of this on TV, you sound like a conspiracy theorist.. all I know is Putin caused all of this and there is no excuse"

I just sigh and change the subject..

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Obama fears Biden is too sloppy and his crimes will be found that lead back to Obama during his administration and what they did in Ukraine, spying on Trump and creating the Steel Dossier which came out of Kiev.

I am guessing Obama is trying to take Biden out with a controlled reason that is not connected to himself, so he stays clean while they swamp Biden with Newsom from CA.

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So you think Israel just woke up one day and decided to attack Iran to help Ukraine all on their own after months of doing nothing to help Ukraine? what was the reason that changed their mind? Why wouldn't Biden be pressuring them like every other country to help Ukraine? to attack Iran and stop Russian supply lines if they could?

If you think it is because Biden is brain dead, then I would propose you may have fell for the CIA operation they are running.

understand how the Deep State works and that Biden plays up his mental state to avoid culpability with the public, he is a Boss of the East Coast Network that has made tons of money and control over the decades coming out of NY/CT. That is why the college protect his Senate documents where he hides them from the public archives. It is all connected.

Biden was Obama's point man on Ukraine along with John McCain and Lindsey Graham who were all on the ground during the CIA led Ukraine overthrow of a Democratically elected president who was considering a deal with Russia that would have 0 interest on loans from Russia vs EU/World Bank loans that will turn Ukraine into a slave of the CIA.

Biden is an old fuck that plays the fool more than he is. I've listened to released recordings of his phone call with Ukraine leaders he is a professional gangster that knows how to walk the legal line when communicating to push others..

Biden and the Deep State are in charge of this, he uses his age and appearance as a misdirection. Most here have no clue he hired Harris as impeachment insurance as there is no physical reality no matter the crimes that would get enough votes to make her president during impeachment. they would just wait for the next election and move Gavin Newsome in.

Even the Special Counsel Biden sat is Rod Rosenstien's #2. that's right read that again. Biden sat his own Special Counsel by having his lawyers hand select a few classified documents that do about nothing to get the fastest seated S.C. in US history, one that is in full control over that can now BLOCK all requests by GOP Led investigations.. As Special Counsel investigations preclude all others "We can not comment on a possible ongoing investigation" even witnesses GOP want to call will be blocked as part of their investigations, or their testimony held and not released until after Special Counsel rests their case..

So, Biden is 100% protected by the FBI which he owns. The more he pushes putin into expanding the war the more control his networks maintain and pushes Trump off the board as any talk of peace after Putin hits NATO member to destroy those tanks and in response to his supply lines being cut will result in Trump being sold as a Russian stooge for even considering talks with Putin.

This is to box Trump in, just like the vaccine. the only way he can survive is if he supports sending long range systems to Ukraine or outright attacking Russia.

  • Israel just had an attack by islamic father/son on a holy holiday

  • Biden used this and the fact Israel refused to help Ukraine at all up to this point, having them primed with anger of their holiday attack and pressure as Ukraine is losing now and they need tanks, etc..

  • So it was easy for Deep State to use the glove of Israel to attack Iran and stop Putin drone supplies..

  • All the bait of having those tanks on trains in Poland/Romania is too much to resist, now the attacks in Iran give Putin legal reason to retaliate on a NATO member to stop their supplies in kind

  • Media blackout on the Iran attack primes the system for Putin's response

  • The media will claim an "unprovoked escalation by Putin" by attacking Ukraine supply lines in NATO member countries

  • This sets the stage for the Deep State actors to come out and demand an Article 5 response (Boris Johnson, John Bolten, Media, Joint Chiefs, NATO command, Polish authorities, etc)

  • Biden then gets media cover and changes all the scandal subjects

  • Just in time to paint the the Spring offensive as a race to save humanity.. arming Ukraine to prevent WWIII

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Now that Israel has attacked Iran to hit Russian supplies, I expect Putin to hit supply lines in Poland and Romania.

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Very good points, hat tip. One problem with a cartel hit you can't blame MAGA before an election. 100% on the funds though. Also Hillary and Bill made a good criminal team as they also enjoyed the same "spouse protection" like talking to your lawyer, what you say and do with your spouse is protected.. you can't be made to testify against your spouse legally and is a big part why Hillary would never divorce Bill. One detail, Paul could have also outlived his usefulness in that capacity.. But overall I agree with your assertions.

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Where was Nancy? did she help set this up to wash her unpopular polls and become the victim while attacking MAGA in the media before the mid term?

This guy has a man bun, metabolic disorder, lives in a liberal commune-type house with BLM posters and gay pride flags.. known homosexual.. does not fit or talk like MAGA, does not have circles with actual known conservatives, seems someone unstable and ripe to use in an operation..

Alphabet agency goon: "All we need you to do is make it look good, wait for the cops and make sure to say this shit.. This will help us stop GOP from taking the house/Senate so we can make abortion legal federally and finally enact green policies that will save the planet. All we need is your help.. you will be protected at the right time and after some fan-fare in the press over a fake trial you will be set free on a technicality for serving your country.. are you ready to serve? can we count on you to save your country?"

Most married couples hold deep resentment, Nancy and Paul are lifers together.. there is a high probability they despise each other.. This is why he drinks so much at his age.. Nancy is a fucking International Cartel Boss, an American Oligarch who puts the Mafia to shame.. she holds the largest rollodex of dirty connections, the funding from up-high and all the strings of power for decades this is why she was so effective as a dirty House Speaker..

Given this much power she can do anything and get away with it.. and has for a very long time.. Remember the beauty Salon she forced open to do her hair without wearing a mask.. Do as I say not as I do.. when you get away with shit for years, it becomes expected.. you get brazen.. The question is who benefits? did it benefit her enough she would do it.. It may even be possible no one was supposed to get hurt and this freak took it too far on his own.. or was supposed to kill him but the cops where there to stop it because he waited too long.. If she did do this, would Paul even find out? even if he did what is Paul going to do? he must live in fear of her like Bill with Hillary..

His 9-11 call and overall attitude rings of a victim trapped in a power marriage that Nancy can't end or it hurts her carrier and he knows to much, has no skills to earn money and is too old to start over.. so he drinks and yeses her to death while sleeping with men on the side.. a lot like Hillary and Bill just with women..

Nancy holds all the keys to all the doors.. she is 100% protected so this is a possibility. I don't put it past her. What evidence is there they are in a loving relationship?

Where was Nancy during the attack?

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