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Having a credit line involuntarily closed hits much harder than 30 to 40 points.

Credit scores are statistical models that predict your risk of default. For the most part, they are stateless. That point can be a bit hard to understand since the dataset they are calculated from is your "credit history", which seems like it should be pretty stateful.

But "average age of credit lines" is calculated in a very literal way - no consideration is given (in this factor) to what the line was opened or closed, or why. They just add up the months in the current data and divide by the number of active lines.

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I watched the dude's whole video.

He speaks, presumably, for millions of likeminded people. What rule isn't worth breaking, what law isn't worth breaking, to prevent a second term of the guy you believe is going to destroy the country?

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Have you never gotten a little handsy in semi-public? Seriously?

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The core lesson of gamergate is that you can't have leaders.

If you have leaders, your enemies will discredit you and your movement by tearing them down. If you don't have leaders, your enemies will prop some up for you so that they can discredit you and your movement by tearing them down.

Start by not tearing down people who might be on your side, whether in reality or in perception. Finish by rejecting the idea that any one person is important to your movement.

(This place is a bit of an exception because this site is about one person. But he got booed when talking about the vax, which shows that the general idea applies in the real world, even to him.)

Boebert is our ally if, when and to the extent that she is our ally. Nothing more. Building her up and tearing her down are two games that we should avoid. Multi-day sticky posts invite the community to commit these errors in bulk, as can be seen by the comments.

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Who cares? Or, perhaps more to the point, why do the mods think that this is so important that it needs to be a sticky post at the top of the page?

I've used my ecig in every location I've ever been for the last ~13 years, and I've been amorously handsy with girls in theaters before. Who hasn't?


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Ian Fleming died in 1964. There have been new James Bond books since then.

The headline here should be, at best, _ The newest "James Bond" book's description of the villain_

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Who the fuck are the two retards that voted yes on article 4? The prosecution didn't even bother to present any evidence of that one.

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In modern usage, trans is a prefix that means "not". So when someone is talking about a trans-woman, they mean a not-woman, which us normal people call a man.

This is rule of thumb that I have adopted to make sense of the babble around me, and it really pisses certain people off when I recognize a certain confused look on the faces of innocent bystanders and offer it to help them understand the babble that they are hearing.

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It isn't that he has some based views, though it looks like he does. RFK's real appeal is that he doesn't appear to hate us. At the current moment, he appears to be the least-bad Democrat candidate by a large margin.

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If the building had fallen due to the ostensible damage you've shown in your images, part of the building would have collapsed ununiformly, not the entire structure uniformly.


Watch the first 15 seconds very closely. That face of the building has lots of windows so you can literally see the core of the building collapse before the facade breaks.

Also, skip ahead to about 35 seconds in to see the same thing from a different angle. You can't see the interior very well in the second video, but you can easily see the progressive collapse of the core by looking at the penthouse structures.

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No thanks. I've been watching stupid 9-11 videos since the original Loose Change in 2005. They get dumber every year, as do the people who obsess over them.

Want to know why the collapse of WTC 7 looks uniform? Because you need to turn off the narrator and watch the videos.

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Every year on this day, this site, and the internet in general, fills up with idiotic posts like this. Virtually all buildings fall essentially straight down. It isn't a conspiracy, it isn't a mystery, it isn't controlled demolition. It is gravity. Gravity pulls buildings down, and very few of them have the lateral strength to do anything else.

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You must've missed the day when they covered "gravity" in school. I'll fill you in, it works vertically.

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I understand not blaming them, but don't ever forget it either.

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Corrupt, evil, incompetent, malicious, indifferent - I'm onboard with any or all of those.

And we know that Bush's top priority that day was getting all of the accomplices and accessories out of the country.

But the buildings fell because of damage sustained when the planes hit them and from uncontrolled fires subsequent. There were no RC drones, no "controlled demolition", no nukes (yes, people really do believe all of those). Those are all Sunstein-isms intended to distract and discredit us.

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Scale is a bitch.

There is a guy above who doesn't understand that bricks are perfectly rigid and indestructible at the scale of 100 bricks, but would turn to flowing sand at the scale of a 1300 foot building.

You are attempting to apply your experience with human scale fires to a scale beyond your imagination. Each building weighed a half million tons (plus another half million tons of foundation). Each floor of each building had an acre of rentable space, plus non-rentable areas. The "core" of each building was approximately the same size as the lot that my house is built on.

Every welder knows that it is easy to heat part of a large metal object before it can move the heat away. The local thickness is very important, but beyond a relatively small size, the overall size no longer matters. The limiting factor is the cross sectional area between the hot area and the cold area.

I called it a chimney/kiln for good reasons. We've known for thousands of years that a tall chimney with lots of mass is an excellent low tech way to maximize the heating of metal via carbon or hydrocarbon fuel.

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You do know that the collapses of the WTC towers damaged buildings for several blocks around, right? WTC buildings 5, 6 and 7 got fucked up by falling debris, as did the next building across the street from WTC 7 (even more distant from the towers).

They fell "mostly" straight down because that's how gravity works , but they weren't a clean or safe demolition by any stretch.

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Here are temperature/yield curve for various steels.




If you want, you can find the exact type of steel used in these buildings and look up the exact curve for that type of steel, but you'll see the same basic S-shape.

For thousands of years, blacksmiths have used the heat of carbon fuel to get iron-bearing metals red hot, at which point they are weak enough to be shaped. To obtain those temperatures, they used muscle power to feed air in, but only because they couldn't build 1000 foot tall chimney/kilns.

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The Pratt & Whitney JT9D engine was the first high bypass ratio jet engine to power a wide-body airliner.

Hmm. "high-bypass" what does that mean?

Oh, it means that most of the engine (by volume) is air.

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Yeah, OK dumbass. They fucking built it missing large pieces intentionally. Right.



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Which direction does gravity work again? I never took physics in high school, but it mostly acts sideways, right? No? Straight down? Oh. hmm.

Well surely we design buildings to be just as strong laterally as vertically, so that they can stay intact as they fall over, right? No? Just enough rigidity to survive wind loads?

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Like these?

Mangled engine: https://archive.ph/R65dR

Landing gear: https://archive.ph/wip/Z9Ee3

Fuselage section: https://archive.ph/wip/cmRi1

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