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This is like going through college but backwards through time.

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You sound like Bill Mitchell, this isn't manipulation it's in response to the big current events including a BLACK SUPREMACIST mowing down scores of white kids and old people and killing several of them.

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Ah fair enough. I am surprised you are even allowed in without one. I don't wear one in most places but even where I am they are required in hospitals.

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Imagine telling your doctor you're a Trump supporter, or talking politics with them at all in the first place.

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O line penalties hurt, right, but they could have called many similar penalties on Michigan and didn't (which was my point). They blew an obvious PI call and then called a ticky tack one against us. They absolutely swung the game heavily in Michigan's favor.

I'm not going to pretend we played well, it was a sloppy game I think from both teams other than their run game which as you pointed out we had no good answer for. That doesn't change the fact that the refs made a huge impact.

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They have absurd amounts of power to change the outcome of a game in subtle ways.

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It's incredible. You can just look at someone and know they will side with the pedophiles.

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More non-white kids than white kids. In IRELAND?

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Yep. They had their thumb on the scales the entire game. Only called 2 penalties against Michigan the entire game when there was many obvious blown calls.

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I do believe you are the one who is projecting given you had it on your mind about hooking up with him. I only asked if you knew the creature because you only denied knowing op, tacitly implying you know this guy. If you can't stop thinking about hooking up with him, just do it. Don't bring me into your fantasies.

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Oh, your last post implied that you did. No worries, you can have him. Sorry about your reading comprehension disability.

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So you know the creature in the photo?

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Idiocracy came sooner than expected, only instead of Terry Crews we get a tranny Terry Crews wannabe

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I mean a lot of people very close to me fell for the propaganda so I hope it doesn't happen. Darwinism is undefeated though.

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