1984 by Imtom
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Animal Farm too.

Do kids read such classics in school these days? Or the dumbed down woke modern literature?

Edgar Allan Poe is essential for the healthy development of a child's psyche.

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Blackies are always backstabbing other blackies, in other news water is wet.

But do keep blaming the whiteys for 'oppressing' your melanin asses.

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It's more fun to legally take the robber's life without his consent.

Helps the country to save prison money too. Reduces carbon footprint as well, it's all good.

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When inflation skyrockets, maybe Americans can finally rediscover their balls to overthrow the tyrants.

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Everyone will eventually have a personal QR code tattooed on their forehead or arm. And you can't do that because that's assaulting someone else.

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Climate change is just the tip of the iceberg. Read up on the 17 goals for UN sustainable development. Everything is there. Everything you have been witnessing is there.

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Can't impose a carbon tax, pimp carbon credits or siphon money for the 'green/renewable/sustainable' racket if you blame the sun.

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And you've been brought down to its level after bringing it to the WTO and trading with it.

Vaccine (health) passes, shadowbanning/deplatforming, politically motivated abuse of federal investigations, gaslighting media etc. All these were in China long, long ago.

All because Wall Street and certain corrupt politicians want the big China market and China's sweatshops to manufacture crap.

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Tech and pharma alliance seems strange, but makes sense once you understand that they are all proponents of transhumanism, which necessitates that alliance.

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As long as libtards pander to 'oppressed minorities', some of the more opportunistic whiteys will attempt to identify as those minorities in order to receive perks and privileges.

That's how standards are lowered and society goes to hell. All because you want to virtue signal about how 'inclusive' you are.

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And if the myocarditis doesn't get them, other things will.

Go ahead and blame the dirty, irresponsible unvaxxed folks for your child's funeral. LOL! No sympathy for morons.

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Federal government running out of money? Unironically, that is a good thing.

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Nazi Germany would be a paradise compared to this... back then the technology wasn't as advanced, there was no Internet.

For a sneak preview of what might come to pass, watch the movie 'Equilibrium'. Total surveillance, constant propaganda, raiding of rebel (unvaxxed?) enclaves who are then 'processed' (executed), and a self-administered vaccine/drug several times a day... they know when you missed your dose.

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Maybe Omicron has always existed, bringing in or out is irrelevant. Your controls at the border and people's movements are irrelevant.

Think of them as sleeper terrorist cells, laying dormant. Once the conditions are right, they pop out.

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Of course, the Covid vaccines are their god, their cash cow and the crowning jewel of modern medical science. Thou shalt not blaspheme thy vax god.

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Very fitting.

2021 killed those who deserved to die.

2022 will kill the children.

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In ancient China, the hedonistic emperors who fucked many concubines tend to not live very long. Totally drained of life force.

Ghouls like Bill Clinton should have been dead long ago, but are kept alive by modern medical care.

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I have the same problem. I had to keep trying to succeed. I am on a wifi connection, not sure if that is a reason.

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