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Thanks for the visual of Beta in the act of smelling his own fart :(

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i hate that fucking cuck more than i hated the krassenstein faggots and more than that stupid fucking doctor that always tweeted bullshit

source: https://nitter.net/mmpadellan/status/1541815872976834564

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The year was 2019, and faggot Robert Beta O'rourke was gaining media attention for saying:

"Hell yes!, We're going to take your AR-15"

This lit a fire under the patriotic American people. It especially lit a raging fire under this tiny 5' woman in neighboring Colorado, enough to make a trip to this faggot's next town hall where she would stand up with her voice and make her presence known.

Silenced no more. It was at this moment that citizen Lauren Boebert decided to run for office:

The rest is history.

Congratulations, Lauren!

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this one made me laugh really fucking loud just now. thank you <3

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Poor fella you are..

You have a limited amount of precious brain cycles before you expire.. and you're wasting those precious brain cycles over here, trying to troll us, when in reality, your efforts have a massive unintended consequence and emboldens us and our efforts. "Perverse incentive."

Good luck in life.. I have a feeling you're going to need a lot of it.

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