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Or maybe they’re making sure it all lines up with the emails before sending it to press.

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I guess the book signings at Wuhan Lab are cancelled for now too.

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If the Dems had done this while Obama was president, Mike Brown would still be alive and working for NASA today.

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Cool, now fire all the people who donated to bail funds for rioters from last year.

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Physically fight with police. Shrug off a taser. Ignore multiple requests to stop and empty your hands. Ignore multiple warnings not to get in your car. Get in the car anyways. Get shot

Dindu Nuffin.

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He also said:

"In 2016, JD Vance voted for Evan McMullen, the former CIA agent hand selected by Never Trump neocon Bill Kristol to oppose Trump.

Vance described Trump as “an idiot,” and refused to support him because he was “bothered” by rhetoric that didn’t sufficiently pander to minorities."

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Cops were called by shop owners because a large, intimidating man was passing them counterfeit bills, stealing from them, and they did not dare confront the thief themselves.

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Our military is now a complete joke. Get ready for the Tranny Troops. They will enlist just to get their penises chopped off for free.

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Wait! Let me grab my sunglasses. The glare is too much!

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Democrats must be crushed. They've never met an abortion they didn't like.

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Corporate funded terrorism

by Jotoku
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I want to create a new account just to updoot this comment again.

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Lee is bought and sold to the Silicon Valley Billionaire Commies.

EDIT: to say he ran as a Tea Party conservative. Fuck Mike Lee. Traitor.

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Hell! Eight more years!

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Seriously. Is she on drugs, or this the default state for these people?

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Fraud takes time!

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This man is undoubtedly the most influential person on the planet.

And that's with half his brain tied behind his back...Just to make it fair.

We're all praying for America's Anchor Man.

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January 6th isn't only a pro-Trump protest. January 6th is when we fucking take back America.

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