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Acting as if the Republican Party is somehow great is a joke to me. For the most part, the career politicians are the same no matter the party. If you need to throw out 95% of the politicians out of the Republican Party, you are sitting on a very high horse blaming only Democrats and Never Trumpers. You barely have any decent folks in higher offices.

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Will start to think about it once I really get restricted (again).

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In September. Also, it wasnt her saying it. Read the article.

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Read the article.

  1. It wasnt Merkel saying it.
  2. "Armin Laschet, Merkel’s potential successor and her party’s candidate for chancellor in the September general election, also distanced himself from what he called compulsory vaccination, and attempts to “indirectly put pressure on people to get vaccinated.” "
  3. Armin Laschet will be the new cancelor in September. Merkels last term ends there.
  4. @moderators, dont pin fake news.....really disappointing.
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the sex change itself is enough but its not only that. it also means your "wife" is totally crazy.

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ahahaha, look, the "women" weightlifting final is august 2nd!

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Its almost as if hes begging for his "suicide".

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Waiting for the weightlifting guy though. I NEED to see it.

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Ahh, thats why influenza numbers went to zero. Makes perfect sense now.

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I truely dont get it. What was their issue?

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