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Ah. And now, who is this "us" that you are saying you are a part of?

And how will you folks pass on the petition to Trump himself?

What difference would this so-called "petition" make to Trump's current intentions to hide and away and say nothing about his own supporters?

Address these concerns in a more constructive way.

Make a petition to Trump and give it to us to sign or something.

Propose solutions instead of snarky "concerns" that are identical to those used to undermine us?

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So then why is Trump keeping quiet about this and all the people who showed up for him when he said to do so?

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Tf are you ranting about acting like a psycho?

If anyone here is the psycho, it's you.

You're a scared miserable little coward and you go around gaslighting others.

Not everyone is a rich little girl with daddy's protection like you.

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"Act like a psycho"???

Yeah this is why women must NEVER be in charge of strategy and tactics.

Look at this fucking bullshit. You should be ashamed of yourself, you clueless loser.

We're getting raped in the ass here and you're terrified that our terrified shrieking makes us sound unpleasant to the rapist sodomizer.

Is that what you do when someone hurts your children? Advise your kids to politely tell the child molester to please stop doing mean things?


If anyone's trashy here, it's YOU!

You don't even know how to win.

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An even more accurate portrayal of how cuckservative men are obsessed with AOC's boobs than they are with saving Kyle Rittenhouse or doing anything for conservatives.

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Wow, yeah! What a true cuckservative! Obsessed with some communist's cunt like the badass tough guy you are!

How's your pussy btw? Do you have a nice bald girly pussy? Do you squirt when AOC's boyfriend fucks you?

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Thanks. About time these stupid cuckservative guys who abandon our own and beg for AOC's attention are kicked the fuck out of here.

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Let's talk about her boobs though and how hot she is.

Cuz that's how us strong, badass cuckservative men roll.

We love our commie badass amazing hot chicks and beg to be shat on, don't we, folks?

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