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Cherokee Tribe?

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Honestly Ebay is only in business because of black market sales. So much stolen shit gets sold on there its not even funny.

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Time to stop using Ebay. With the fees and headache of this shit I would just stop.

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They got millions of new customers being imported every year. They are fine.

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Gave you a down vote. I down vote every jew sorry.

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When a black person is walking a quarter mile away from my house I can hear them on the phone....

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bigguyofficial dot com

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The Richest 10% of Americans Now Own 84% of All Stocks - https://money.com/stock-ownership-10-percent-richest/

I agree with you on the 401K although you are wrong about most Americans having one. I believe around 40% have a 401k...

I am not saying what Trump said is wrong. He is right. But he needs to speak about other stuff as well.

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I agree on the stock market BUT most people do NOT have stocks. He needs to talk about stuff that average Americans can relate to. Prices of food, energy, loss of jobs etc.

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JFK was going to dismantle the CIA. He was also going to put money back in the hands of the US Treasury and abolish the FED. LBJ and other goblins killed him. Soon after we got back to wars - Vietnam for example

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