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You apostates are all the same. I'm going to be sarcastic about "gods will" to prove that God doesn't exist with my astute rationale of a tragedy.

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You can write anything in an obituary. They only go by what the family told the mortuary.

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The more worms you got in your body or parasites of any type the less allergies you will have because your eosinophils are high which reduces chances of having an antigen response to every day exposures that can produce an allergy. Americans are pretty free from internal parasites thus a lower eosinophil count which has a tendency to provoke more immune responses to allergens and thus produce antigens. So, third world countries don't have many allergies at all.

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When the level of care is downgraded and a patient can go to a regular room or "the floor" so from unit (icu) to floor (regular bed) this is called step down because of a decrease in acuity.

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30 to 45k per patient in icu

13 to 19 k per patient in standard room bed.

A step down from icu could be as much as 45k extra for that room then once in regular bed 19k extra. So the hospital can get upwards depending on market 64k extra from federal government.

Source. APN who use to work with utilization managers and insurance adjusters with ICD 10 and CPT coding.

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He thinks or thought people on this forum was advocating for not bothering to vote because "it don't matter they will steal it". That's was his reason for the "dumb" thinking comment.

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He didn't want to admit he got scared and left so he found a patsy with "I wAs dEporTeD".

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I would rather help someone who is calling out the governments bullshit than pay the government to feed me bullshit. Who is grifting who?

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I see part of your point. But his 2a stance is terrible and that premise could be used to tear down other rights in the constitution. So, is there anything in that link provided that doesn't make you think he is a bit of a loose cannon?

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