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The US dollar has less time than historical currencies experiencing hyperinflation in distressed third world nations? That doesn't sound right, friend.

I don't think we should throw away 40 years of legislative work towards a specific policy because you demand it now. Nor that a Youtube video based on a 30 year old book is enough to somehow magic into reality a complete reform of our monetary system (he was doing that even back in the 90's on public access fyi).

If you truly believe "it's too late" as you wrote multiple times, then I guess grab your sign and marker and head to downtown to let the world know that the end is nigh.

I'll be continuing to work towards an audit of the fed.

BTW, did you notice how most of the names attached to this issue are from KY? :D Unless you're in one of only a few districts nationwide, chances are your rep hasn't said one word on this subject in any direction. Perhaps start there instead of trying to dissuade someone who fundamentally agrees with you from making actual progress towards a policy we all want.

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Your idea of some random low level GOP rep screaming END THE FED like a lolbertarian autist at a bunch of rich old Republicans might work, but the actual plan is to get an audit first and it seems to really be working.

Like not even kidding: certain groups have been working on this for about as long as I've been alive. As it is, it's hard to explain to most people what the Fed even is, let alone why we need to end it: a third party audit will provide the tools and numbers need to move forward with messaging as well as actual policy suggestions.

Jim Jordan is one of the ones carrying the torch, cosponsoring Ron Paul's old "audit the fed" bill with Thomas Massie every year, as is tradition. Except now we've got Rand Paul and he's managed to get 6 cosponsors, so the Senate has this bill being reintroduced every year as well.

Like this might actually happen if Republicans can regain the majority--we finally have real support.

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Not "apparently." It's talked about on the official White House website and she wrote about it in her memoirs in like 1939. This type of thing is why no one would be caught dead calling themselves a Progressive from about 1940 to 1990.


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To be fair, by this standard she is not the first woman president.

That honor would go to Woodrow Wilson's wife. When he was incapacitated by a stroke, she took over the executive branch of the US government for two whole years. The press helped hide this from the people and their legislators due to belonging to the same political faction (Progressives). When this became public decades later it resulted in the 25th amendment, and the birth of Edith Wilson as a feminist icon.

To recap: the amendment Democrats always bring up as a hypothetical for every Republican elected since was actually written because of real things a Democrat actually did, Progressives were conspiring with the press to undermine the rule of law 100 years ago, and feminists don't care about elections and really just want power for its own sake.

And yet, the funniest part of this already hilarious story?

Her excuse was that his doctors told her to do it.

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I got a buddy that was... We'll say way too into this topic, to be brief. I can provide no sources, and take this as you will:

As far as I know, no one has ever suggested as such seriously. There is direct evidence that points to the involvement of a couple different people, and indirect evidence that suggests possible involvement of a few further. Not one thing that I've seen even hints that Grohl was tangentially involved let alone played any kind of part.

Not to say he didn't for certain, but everything around him checks out. (Unlike several other people that were close to Cobain at the time.)

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... There's an "ongoing genocide of Indigenous people" in the western hemisphere?! And it started with the Spanish? Umm...

Is the Guardian saying that South American countries are enacting genocide against their own citizens to this day?

Good Lord! Which countries Grauniad?! This is important!

(On a serious note, you can tell China owns a newspaper when they conveniently forget that the prime meridian actually bifurcates Europe and part of North Africa and they call all of Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia "the eastern hemisphere." What they meant to say here was "the New World," but that doesn't make Commies as happy.)

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Productivity drops by about a third across the board, several important people in any given corporation suddenly don't actually need to exist but have no intention of firing themselves, and it generally hurts PR in some really important but unforeseeable way.

We've tried the whole "work from home" thing so often in my lifetime that I can list the downsides without thinking. Every. Single. Time. This is how it goes.

Everyone thinks they want it--from the employees who see a short-term effective raise to the employers who see reduced rent costs--until they actually see it in action on anything like a large scale. We realize it just doesn't work and the op-ed pages quietly retire the line. It gives immediate gains, but turns around just as quickly and causes losses that can quickly get out of hand.

Then after a few years another economic downturn happens, and people come up with it as a quick way to shore up revenue and the cycle begins yet again.

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I've always liked the idea of an "internet license."

Like a driver's license, where it is available after a certain age and you have to take a test. (First question: Are there girls on the internet?) And much like that if you break the law too many times it can be restricted or even rescinded.

Then again, this isn't a serious policy proposal and is really just what I start ranting about when I read something too stupid on the internet.

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No see, this time I've got control. It's different now. I've got my life together, and it'll be fine.

Just this one line...

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No, it's either "free porn on the internet with nothing but a checkbox to prove your age" or "pornography is a felony." Absolutely any law regarding the production, distribution, or viewing of pornography is the slippery slope to fascism as demonstrated by history, and it's a good thing we currently have none of those laws. (big /s on every part of that, in case it's not perfectly clear)

For the record, this is the best example of a straw man I think I've seen in my life: I don't think I've ever heard someone argue that all pornography should be illegal for everyone in all circumstances, let alone this idea proffered as a serious policy initiative. Yet holy crap that position has been BTFO'd completely in this thread, had it ever existed.

Good job, Internet Libertarians: you've saved the day yet again.

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Someone who has had all the current required doses of one of the "vaccines," thus finishing a complete schedule. A lot of people got one dose and experienced severe side effects so they and their doctor decided to give a bit of extra time between doses or even to not finish the full schedule due to medical risk.

... The cool thing about totalitarianism is it doesn't stop. Eventually everyone is a victim, even the people that buy in completely.

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Horror movie key (general, not firm rules):

monsters, especially giant ones, are ephemeral societal ills that are seemingly beyond control

slashers are random acts of senseless brutal violence

ghosts, demons, and hauntings are personal struggles with physical and mental health, and often grief specifically

aliens are foreign influences

The horror is intrinsic in the fear everyone has of these things, and the more successful the horror movie the more likely they played into one of these, but there's a lot of overlap and some stuff even falls into multiple categories. BTW, this is also why movies that seem to successfully portray terrifying things like the true sufferings of a particular mental illness or phobia usually don't meet wide commercial success: those particulars aren't universal.

Also, watching horror with this in mind makes it quite a bit more interesting. I think everyone knows Godzilla is actually about nuclear fallout, but watching the Exorcist knowing that it's about watching a child suffer and die--the most terrifying thing any parent could imagine--is chilling.

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This. It's the tv.

I can't even talk to my own mother anymore because she demands to see proof of my "vaccine passport" and won't talk about anything else but when I'm going to go get it. She's been vaccinated, wears two masks, gloves, and a face shield. The tv has legitimately convinced her not only that we're all going to die any minute now, but that I'm actively trying to help kill everyone.

The thing is, my parents are old and I'm an only child: the last couple years of propaganda has effectively destroyed the sunset of my parents' lives. They hate each other, me, their neighbors, the state in which they live, their old friends, their siblings, everything. All they have left is the tv.

... They should instead just hate the tv, like I do. Much easier.

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She's 125lb. According to figures gathered over the past 70 years, on average an untrained male of 150lb (which is either unusually small or teenage) should be able to deadlift her without much trouble. https://exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/DeadliftStandards

... The average dude could just pick her up and throw her. Magic girl power training aside.

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... Yeah, but sometimes I'm retarded. Bet you didn't think of that! (Seriously, it's fairly obvious now that I looked at your comment a second time. Apologies.)

Nonetheless, I shall let my stupid comment stand because I actually spent a bit of time confirming this and would like the record to remain for any curious.

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I don't think you understand:

This script leaked online, was copyright stricken, then taken down. It sounds like it was even confirmed as being a prior version of the script by the company, but I can't find a good confirmation on that. Several aspects of this script have been confirmed as being part of the current script by actual news outlets, including the part about leaking nudes. Vito isn't just some random Twitter handle: he's actually a long-standing industry commenter on Youtube with hundreds of thousands of followers.

This isn't fan fiction. This is the new PowerPuff Girls show.

edit: Okay, so we now have it confirmed that they not only filmed a pilot, but that it completely flopped and everyone hated it. The CEO of the CW refused to confirm or deny that this was the script, but said “You learn things when you test things out."

So, we now have as evidence: a pilot that was rejected so hard it wasn't even made public that it was filmed until this script was made public, a successful copyright claim against this script, an obfuscation from the absolute highest levels of management regarding its veracity, and a confirmation from the CEO that they intend to depict the characters as "world-weary twenty-somethings" regardless of the outcome of this particular pilot.

I'm now pretty sold, honestly.

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Chances are it was something like just being run out, but it's left ambiguous for a reason.

This is the most serious "get the truck" I've ever witnessed: someone committed arson that night at the very least. Maybe in another decade or so I'll hear the full story from an old dude at a bar told in mythic tones. Also, I was like 6: if they were going to tell someone what happened and why, it wasn't the tiny blond girl who was trying to comfort her crying retarded friend. Honestly it's the sweetest thing how everyone kept us out of it as much as possible, and really drew the line once young children were pulled in.

To clarify, a truck full of dudes is the redneck solution to many problems: everything from a barn fire to a shootout to terrorism to--according to the legend I heard in OR--preventing actual landfall from the Japanese Navy in WWII (we don't talk about the Northwest being bombed in WWII today because reasons) which is supposedly what birthed the line about "blades of grass." Also, not all rednecks are great people, so this is something you'll hear if you piss off the local meth lab as well.

It's not something people outside would hear often because it really is an emergency call, and you don't want to hear it directed at you. It's best to just not find out exactly what is intended, I'd figure.

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It's a several year old repost that periodically goes viral.

Bitch got tired of being reminded she's retarded every couple months by 4chan is all.

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Back in the early 90's, some of the old KKK was fleeing from prosecution and ended up in my hometown. (The KKK hasn't actually existed in 35 years and if they do they owe millions of dollars: hence why the highest estimate you can find from the craziest liberal for worldwide membership is a whopping 8k, or smaller than a local high school, and can't actually come up with any names or anything.)

... They did not spray paint their revered symbols all over everything to "intimidate" or something. I know, crazy. What they actually did was literally a terrorism campaign against the couple of black families in that small town: they broke their windows, slashed their tires, and accosted them. It got to the point where they were scared to go out at night. Then they started attacking the children, including one of my friends who had learning disabilities. To be clear, they attacked a little retarded boy because one of his parents was the wrong race.

This was the line. I got to learn just how "racist" my small town is: the boys got the truck, and that was that.

The next morning was the first time I ever saw a swastika... Because the burned out shell of the house they had lived in was covered in them, drawn correctly (probably from materials found in the house or their tattoos), except crossed out and covered with slurs. Never saw those skinheads again, and I legitimately do not care what happened to them. (For your own safety, be respectful out in the hollers: once the boys get the truck, things get very real.)

If you're curious where the cops were this whole time... let's just say that there are actually very good reasons Southern Republicans absolutely hate Democrats with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, and what drives us nuts is it's the exact same reasons that inner cities are fucked today.

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He lived in China for a couple months while filming a shitty movie a few years ago, and spent the whole time producing pro-Chinese propaganda on Youtube. Don't make it sound like he's somehow being "forced" to say this by a totalitarian regime he is struggling to live under: he's American and lives in the US.

He is just being a pinko faggot.

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We keep running into an issue:

No one has ever even tried to convince me. From the start, every single damn step of this whole mess, it's been a combination of shaming, strict authoritarian rule, lies, and bribery.

My family is trying to conceive. A less than 5% increase in morbidity in a single demographic that I rarely interact with on any scale caused by an already endemic virus is not worth violating the rather strict guideline that women trying to get pregnant shouldn't participate in medical trials with experimental substances. Instead, I just stay home and interact with this demographic not at all--which seems to me would actually do more for this demographic than running out shopping 3 times a week in a cloth mask like a LARPing retard.

No one has even attempted to change my mind.

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Nah, the one on the right is a horror birthed from the union between man and a fish-like humanoid that dwells in the abyss worshipping Father Dagon. Once her transformation is complete, she'll return to the sea to live with her brethren in their eldritch cities and attain immortality, as demanded by the pact that brings Chicago plentiful fishing and drugs.

... It's just a different culture dude; don't be a bigot.

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Friendly reminder Tulsi was the youngest ever elected to Hawaii's legislature, back when I was in high school. She's a career politician. But here's the evergreen problem with that for Democrats--that means she ran initially as an early 00's Democrat...

When she originally ran for office she endorsed several restrictions on abortion, was against gay marriage, and her support of gun control didn't even step outside what was normal for Republicans of that era (pre-Freedom Caucus after all).

Then she wanted to run for the House as a Democrat, and suddenly "evolved" and issued vague apologies without ever explaining how her ethics had changed in context to her prior positions. (Common Democrat tactic taking advantage of the fantasy on the left that opponents have never encountered their positions before and as soon as they're "informed" they'll agree. It's also part of why they get so upset when encountering a conservative irl.)

... Just curious how many of her current positions this is going to happen to as we go along, and I do hope she realizes this grift probably won't work on the right.

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