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Men take care of their children - no matter what.

We can do better than Sparta.

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Unpopular opinion:

Have kids by the dozen. Diversify.

Then, if one is disabled, you won't have to carry him/her up the stairs "forever". Delegate.

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Azov are like MS-13 if they killed Americans for speaking English.

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It'll end up in the Trillions, like the "war on terror".

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Gender fraud should be a crime.

Trannies going around sucking off drunks in high-crime neighborhoods.

Tyrone sobers up, his bros laughing at him for fucking a dude. He mad.

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Ok commie.

Free guns backed by government force are your version of gay marriage.

You cannot force others to accept you.

Earn it.

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A contract is a contract.

The landlord can make any conditions he wants - no smoking, no pets, no guns, etc. You are free to go elsewhere.

This leads to responsible people having guns, and degenerates not. Free market FTW!

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They aren't digging thousands year old SSDs out of tombs in the middle east

They should.

One SSD (Storyteller, Scammer, and Degenerate) is buried at Masjid al Nabawi Masjid al Nabawi.

They should dig up some bone DNA and see if people claiming to be descendants of The Mohammad are right. For science!

(Disclaimer: this is a joke. Swoosh, there goes my head.)

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Read Jefferson, Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe.

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A battery that weighs less than one shelf of books can power an e-reader for a year.

MILLIONS of books can be stored on a 4TB USB-C HD (which only needs to be attached to copy selected books onto a reader).

A good paper library costs and weighs more than a huge amount of solar panels, lithium batteries, NAT storage server, laptops / e-paper readers, etc.

And of course they can be proliferated and spread by copying from device to device, even without the Internet. Copying paper requires a lot more effort.

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You make a contract with your landlord.

Don't like the terms, find another landlord.

Rights are negative, not positive.

Right To Life means murder is a no-no. It doesn't mean Mommy Government must provide you with food, medicine, etc.

2A means the government can't ban privately owned weapons, but private interests can.

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Power going out is 20th century problem.

Own multiple generators, solar panels, batteries, etc.

Phones run at like 1-5 watts, charge at 5-10 watts. Laptops run at 10-20 watts when just reading text. E-paper uses almost no power at all.

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Use a good reciprocating saw.

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I am a man.

I go inside Hobby Lobby.

Love their politics, want to spend money there.

See aisle after aisle of grandma crap. Zero interest.

I go to Home Depot instead. Paradise!

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make rifle ownership compulsory!

For sane adults who own property.

Children need their parents permission.

Renters need permission from their landlord.

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Digital copies are still "physical", merely very tiny and convenient to search.

But only as long as they are in your control, and your technology is secure.

Always make backups, ideally to read-only media.

Never use proprietary software.

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Everyone has access to millions of books on the Internet.

You can't just download a gun when you need one.

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I gotta stop wasting my time trying to educate the brainless...

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Russians are turing on Trump because he will not help them when he gets reelected.

Trump paused Ukraine's aggression against Russia.

So he is a million times smarter than you are.

Trump will force them out of Ukraine if they are still there.

Russia is not in Ukraine.

Russia is in Crimea and NovoRossiya.

Which have been Russian since before USA was a country.

And they want to undo the Bolshevik bullshit that made them """Ukraine""" and return back to Russia.

Because Russia is a better country than Ukraine, by every conceivable measure. (Unless of course you're a pedophile and/or a Biden.)


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According to who?

According to people who have a basic understanding of the history of socialism, geopolitics, and the spook agencies of various world powers.

It is done all the time. Supporting and puppeteering crazy dissidents inside your adversaries' country can destroy it for a thousandth the cost of going to war.

I guess we'll ignore that the Nazis and Communists were allies at the start, no?

It's hard to deliberately come up with a more ignorant statement than that. (Except maybe to claim that the Vikings were Sub-Saharan Africans.)

The White Movement, Fascism, NSDAP, and the Anti-ComIntern Pact were all created, funded, supported, and elected for one reason and one reason only - to fight Communists, foreign and domestic, and prevent what happened in Russia from happening to Italy, Germany, Spain, China, etc.

The much-lied-about Molotov-Ribbentroff Pact was a diplomatic dance, with each side hoping to start the 100% inevitable war on more favorable terms.

Hitler believed (or pretended to believe) that Stalin was only half as communist as his predecessors. What he really wanted was time - to finish rebuilding the German military (which was almost completely dismantled after WW1), and to secure better access to natural resources. Everyone knew that USSR was preparing to invade Poland and take it whole - then the Soviet bombers and tanks would be a stone's throw from Berlin. It was hard to for any sane person to believe that England and USA would engage in aggression and all-out war against Germany for Soviet benefit...

Stalin wanted to stall as well. USSR was building the largest war machine in world history, with a brainwashed population swearing to fight and die for the World Revolution. But Stalin was most concerned about his domestic position, which was never 100% secure. There was a perpetual struggle for power between various fractions in the Soviet leadership. Massive purges in 1937 were only the beginning. The war with Finland was merely one giant loyalty test to see which commanders were willing to blindly attempt the impossible and watch thousands of their men die in vain... By the summer of 1941, Stalin was still only half-done purging the Red Army of any hint of disloyalty or disagreement. He wanted to launch the invasion of Germany, most likely in 1942.

It only became a problem when the USSR was invaded.

It was a preemptive strike. Read Victor Suvorov (who is wrong about Ukraine, but right about Stalin's plans to attack Germany).

Show evidence of brainwashing.

Should be very obvious that people born in the Soviet Union in 1952 didn't have a full frame of reference and objective information to decide that they were the baddies.

Putin grew up on the stories of Eeeevil Nazi invading the totally innocent Soviet Union (which merely wanted to turn all the world's countries into utopias like North Korea, but you weren't supposed to question if that may be a problem). And then the West were supposed to be almost as bad as the Nazis (and there was plenty of actual evidence to show that they are no saints either).

Putin wanted to be Stierlitz, and that was the coolest job anyone in the Soviet Union could possibly have. Being a secret agent man was the equivalent of becoming a multi-millionaire in the United States. Hard for a young man born into Soviet post-war blandness and poverty to resist...

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Trump is running for elected office.

That's the job we hired him for - because he can win.

If we wanted a perfect philosopher, we'd pick someone else. We'd then get Ron Paul numbers or worse, and lose.

Trump has to hide his real opinion on things like COVID, the vax, and Ukraine.

I don't think he really likes McDonald's either. πŸ™„

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