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worse. coward bullies.

they were perfectly content to be jerks and ruin our lives when they thought they had the moral high ground.

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strange. I live it every day just fine.

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A lot of the problems with "add and adhd" are simply how my brain works does not sit well in an office setting. So you look like or feel like you can not work with out meds.

I happen to have a job where it fits a little more. I can NOT sit for 8 hours in a cube. I can NOT answer a phone all day. I can NOT work on a computer all day.

So I run a convenience store that has multiple little tasks that need completed all day in various parts of the store. Sometimes I chat up vendors. Sometimes I stock. Sometimes I MAKE MY SELF sit at a computer.

I also happen to have a boss who, finally, understands that my "zoning out" for 15 minutes gets a solid hour of work over trying to "make me focus ALL DAY" and I get very little done.

I feel bad for the people who feel like they need to medicate. You just need to find a rhythm that works for you and a job that understands it.

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every time this woman says "mutha"... I think "I wouldn't doubt it" and giggle.

I just love her.

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these are the people that will get you "accidentally" killed in an emergency.

Its sad. sure. But you can not pity them. You have to leave them behind. They will not make it long term when times are tough.

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but the flip side... those same 90% will still get you killed in an emergency because they don't think critically and don't pay attention.

they are ALMOST worse than the ones who are actively against you. At least you know... these ones will will never intend to turn you in... they just "know a guy with food at his house, come on, he is great!!"

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Do your self a favor and look up the alternative minimum tax.

it's something like "you own a business (licenses. property tax. sales tax. capital gains. and Income tax) and you put enough money back into your business that you can write off enough money to not pay a certain amount of taxes because losses . general maintenence and what not...

they decided you are STILL a business and probably made something of value that you are somehow hiding in investments in yourself and upgrages. upkeep. and write offs... you now pay the alternative minimum tax.

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it started as books... on going series from the early 90s.

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sweet summer child is a game of thrones reference.

Supposedly season would last years. So a "sweet summer child" is a human who has not yet experienced the possibly decades long hard winter.

They lack grit. Understanding.

by Visic
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Learn something new!

we own convenience stores and, thank the gods, ours were always after hours break ins... so maybe we lacked the "bodily harm" aspect.

Nice to know it changes things.

by Visic
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likely not.

Felony robbery or theft is usually over a certain amount in cost of goods. Used to be 5 grand in Ohio.

Unless that was a gold brick or diamonds... not likely large enough to hit the felony mark.

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I had arguably the worst year if my life in 2020 and it had NOTHING to do with covid. I told my Dr. I might need a little help and asked if they had recommendations (thinking: therapist. make sure I am working through the garbage) and her response was "I can prescribe something" I remember responding back with "for what? we don't know what's wrong yet.."

Not once did she ask me:

  1. are you getting outside?
  2. eating well?
  3. exercising?
  4. limiting social media?
  5. seeing any close friends or family?

Turns out, by a therapist, I just just handle stress worse than some and need to work at it harder and longer by doing all the above. And I was well on my way. I just didn't like how long it was taking. (Great!)

Thank god I have AVOIDED pills my entire life. Because I remember thinking... "you want to prescribe pills that are going to actively change my brain chemistry... like its no big deal... without an actual diagnosis? THAT'S neat."

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small store owner. sadly... they migrate.

I am in an affluent town in Ohio. Decent crew. decent location...

just a week ago I got called every name under the sun because I wouldnt sell a blunt to a kid with no id.

Parting blow "you look like you suck dick. "... ... "jealous it wasn't yours?"

and its not getting better.

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