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We have all lost nuance.

I never thought I would EVER agree with BLM. But if they want to march against vaccine passports... I guess I am on their side for now.

People tend to have depth. Its easier to see them in black and white.

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Based on his note transitions....

Give the man a lesson or two and we might have something here!

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small point... MY choice isn't illegal while DRUNK DRIVING has always been against the law!

any other pearls of wisdom?

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Mid west here... We used to just have snow. Hell, there was a time in the 90's where we had snow and then Ice and no school for about 5 days. Maybe 7? I remember this vividly because my mother was worried my sister and I would hurt ourselves sledding on the ice... so we put on our bicycle helmets!

Now EVERY time there is winter weather. There is a run on the grocery store. We are gonna die. Snowmageddon. Snow My god! Snowpocalypse. You would think this was a southern state with the level of hysteria.

It is ridiculous. We live near a great lake. It snows. This should be common knowledge. Plan accordingly.

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Hey. I hold my nose.

I was dunked one too many times as a kid and can no longer tolerate the headache that comes from water reaching your sinus cavity.

uncool man. Uncool.

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I told my coworker as long as Obama is having a maskless birthday party for hundreds... I was not wearing a damn mask with the 3 of us at work.

"he canceled his party"

weird. there are pictures of his party on the new york post website. I don't think that is a right wing site.

"those damn right wingers can photoshop anything!!"

maybe... but how did they get the doctored images on the post website?

"man you people. canceled. photoshop. right wing"

takes a bow

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andrew Garfield.

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We all watched "I am legend" right?

it was LITERALLY a cancer vaccine (in a movie. I am aware) that started the whole thing.

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I have heard a lot of his stuff. Uncertain if it was in its "entirety" But I did like what I heard.

Its silly. He starts speaking and you just sit up a little straighter.

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Someone really has to tell them...

most women want a bra that offers support AND doesn't feel like it's trying to torture a state secret out of them. Underware that is NOT a synthetic fabric. and something that stops our thighs from rubbing together when we wear skirts and dresses. #chubrub 🙄

it's a great first effort... but consider being that store. and Women would find you no matter who you used in your advertising.

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As much as his past behavior "irks" me... I am willing to be slightly forgiving for his recent behavior toward Fauci about the china virus

It is really invaluable what he was able to uncover.

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no, hipaa only applies to licensed medical professionals.

It does how ever violate your right to privacy in terms of your medical history which was established under roe. vs. wade.

Except. they are not making the not the vaccinated do anything so it will be an uphill battle for you. They are not making you prove you are vaccinated. They are asking those who have been if they wish to verify. Which they are ALL to eager to do.

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I think the reason people are having so much trouble with this... it is HUGE. And when things are scary most people would simply rather not.

and wrapping your head around what it means is no small task.

If there was fraud and they cheated in this election... What do we do? How do we fix it? what happens to everything they have "done" and passed?

If there was fraud this election... what about the last one? Or the one before that? before that? before that? What happens to EVERYTHING that was passed if they were never elected? How far back do we look?

How do we "fix" what ever happened to people via taxes and laws?

Do we just agree to halt and restart and move forward?

Who is ultimately responsible?

What if the person running actually did not know that "machine" cheated for them? Is if their fault?

Its no wonder they simply refuse to think about it. I judge them for that ignorance. But its easy to understand why.

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Google Leigh Dundas. watch her videos. contact her if you can.

start there. good luck pede.

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false. you are at the post office. you were ALREADY in hell.

now you are ALSO on fire.

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It's worse than that.

everyone is Stepford anymore. They have been programed by society "to pretend to get a long with everyone" So in essence get along with no one?

fake. super perky. no opinions. 2000+ friends on social media!! Not a single real quality about them.

Anyone with a personality anymore is "witnessed" but not actually interacted with because we seem like the wild side to these people. "oh my god I interacted with a heathen!"

everyone has forgotten it is okay to NOT be friends with everyone. Not everyone SHOULD be your flavor.

instead we have created generic vanilla and everyone wonders why they have trouble interacting.

stop pretending. have an opinion. you may be surprised who you ACTUALLY mesh with.

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