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Yes exactly but at least the Japs honor their culture above all else. Japan is a strong ethnostate with very strict cultural borders. Outsiders have no sway on their ideals and social fabric.

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I honestly DO NOT know. It's harder then Final Jeopardy.

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Bro here's something that might blow your mind: NOT EVERYONE AGREES ON EVERYTHING. Nobody on this forum even agrees on all the same shit. Musk supports Free Speech, low taxes and regulations, anti woke, anti lockdowns etc.... plenty to agree on.

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chinese are naturally very submissive and bow down to whatever the guberment tells them. Only few asian cultures have any resistance to authority.

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Bro why even post it on a commie subreddit just do it on politics and you'll be banned in seconds.

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He likely was in the 70s and 80s, dude was snorting coke and banging every actress with two holes and a heart beat.

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Yup only thing left are his idea that a literally interdimensional entity/demon controls the elites and that they are being controlled by it to usher in our endgame. I will not be surprised if that day comes and Alex is right again.

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The last PP loans mostly went to some unemployed losers and dork artists in liberal shitholes who called themselves independent contractors etc.... enough fucking handouts and constantly printing money! The fucking government is NOT your bank or nanny that gives you an allowance when you're too stupid to get by.

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Wahhhh Wahhhh I'm sure the Taliban was crying like a bitch over this shit when they beat the shit out of us and kicked us out of their country.

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enough money to fix the homeless crisis of Americans

No amount of money can "fix" homeless crisis. It's a giant grift like every other handout bullshit program designed to rape taxpayers of more money. Fuck homeless people and the entire madeup homeless industrial complex that profits from it.

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An ugly woman. I dont get the point of this post. Some people are born with bad genetics. What is she supposed to do about it?

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Recession? I'll be surprised if we're not in FULL BLOWN Depression mode thanks to Biden's policies. We're fucked.

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Hard work is a white trait. The looney left has even admitted it. Think about our ancestors the ones who came to America and how they conquered the West. We are a culture of law and order. We create and build it’s literally in our dna.

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Hot if she lost 40 pounds

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the character of its people and the culture they create. ask why white western civilization is the most successful in the world? Why did we create democracy? Land a man on the moon? Create free speech and individual liberty? it wasn't a coincidence.

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People weren't broke yet in 2020 and the guberment hadn't printed trillions out of thin air.

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