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No, I don't think that is an accurate argument

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Not making the argument that they are awesome but there are definitely people with more or less commissary, better jobs in the facility that afford more opportunities (ie smuggling bleach from the kitchen to the dorms, smuggling food around). There is a thriving economy in prison with various forms of currency. In the places I've been things like stamped envelopes, desserts, and the ever popular ramen noodles were the currencies by which almost everything was conducted.

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everyone is not equally poor in prison

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Start with jujitsu most fights end up on the ground in a hurry

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wtf is that thing

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I do not like you cuckold cop I would like to hit you with a mop I hate the commies here and there I hate the commies everywhere

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My opinion stemmed from watching Flynn have his whole life torn apart by the deep state. I have not kept up with him lately so if he is doing all those things he may well be just as much a grifter as Lin Wood.

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I thought it was great until Ragnar died and then everyone was sucking his ghost dick for the rest of the time I watched it.

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i am always amused by people who think going to college makes them "educated" and therefore somehow more valuable.

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Serious question, has this dude been right about anything? I see a lot of tweets reposted but it seems like they're generally proven incorrect. I don't follow him a ton so maybe he's hit on some stuff in the past I am unaware of.

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i did not know they did that, that is weird. I'm a cowboys fan personally but I respect those browns and jets fans that keep coming back for more disappointment.

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good for you man, I respect browns fans. it takes some significant loyalty.

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He donated 10,000 to several low income schools to buy athletic equipment too. One of the middle schools nearby was a recipient.

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